killall -9 humans - my tiny records list

Artist Album Medium Label Year
'68 Comeback Do The Rub 7" single Bag Of Hammers 1994
'68 Comeback It Gets A Little Red 7" single In The Red 1993
13th Floor Elevators, The The Psychedelic Sounds of CD Charly 2005
20 Dollar Whore Teenage Fuckin' Boredom 7" ep Big Neck 2001
86 Mentality EP 7" ep Grave Mistake 2003
86 Mentality Final Exit 7" ep Deranged 2007
A Day in Black & White / Golden Birds Split 7" single Paranoid 2004
A Radio With Guts Beat Heart Sweet Stereo 12" LP Stardumb 2002
A-Bones Bad Boy / Come Back 7" single Demolition Derby 1996
A.J. Marshall There's A Lot Of Lovin' In This Old Boy Yet 12" LP MGM 1967
AC/DC High Voltage CD Epic 1976
AC/DC '74 Jailbreak CD Epic 1975
AC/DC Flick Of The Switch CD Epic 1983
AC/DC Who Made Who CD Epic 1986
AC/DC Blow Up Your Video CD Epic 1988
AC/DC Ballbreaker CD Epic 1995
AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip CD Columbia 2000
Aavikko History Of Muysic CD Mfp 2003
Above Them Are we a danger to ourselves CD Specialist Subject 2012
Abstain Defy CD-ep Eastexist 1997
Abus Istället för Gemenskap - Har Vi karriärer och offerkoftor CS None 2016
Accident, The No Romance For You 12" LP Demolition Derby 1997
Accidents, The The Accidents 7" ep Devil's Shitburner 2002
Accidents, The Poison Chalice CD Burning Heart 2005
Accidents, The All Time High CD Rock Alliance 2004
Achtungs, The S/T EP 7" ep Joteskii Groteskii / Rock & Roll Bullshit 2013
Achtungs, The Welcome to Hell 12" LP Blast Of Silence 2015
Acid Elephant Guerilla Drive Valley CD None 2011
Acid Elephant Star Collider CD Kiarama 2013
Adam And The Ants Zerox 7" single Do It 1979
Adverts, The The Punk Singles Collection CD Anagram 1997
Against Me! Searching For Former Clarity 2x12" LP Fat Wreck Chords 2005
Ahkerat Simpanssit Tehvehdys, Maan Asukit 12" LP Johanna 2003
Air Premiers Symptomes CD Source 1999
Air 10000Hz Legend CD Source 2001
Air Walkie Talkie CD EMI 2004
Air Moon Safari CD Source 1997
Air Everybody Hertz CD Source 2002
Al Perry Losin' Hand 7" single Demolition Derby 1997
Alan Caddy Orchestra, The Tribute To Andy Williams 12" LP Avenue 1971
Alarm Clocks, The Time Has Come 12" LP Norton 2006
Alarm Clocks, The Marie / Gloria 7" single Norton 2006
Alec Folder Olen päätäni pidempi CD Dynastia 2002
Alien Blood Transfusion Alien Blood Transfusion 7" ep Acme 1998
Alien Blood Transfusion / 13 Ghosts Split 7" ep Acme 1999
All Over Maniacs All Over Maniacs CD-ep None 2010
All You Can Eat Ballinger 7" ep Little Deputy 1996
Alley Gods S/T ep 7" ep Poolside 2009
Alley Gods North State Of Mind 10" Poolside 2011
Allman Brothers Band, The Ramblin' Man / Jessica 7" single Capricorn 1973
Amazing Royal Crowns, The The Amazing Sounds Of... 7" single Kingdom 1995
American Steel Destroy Their Future 12" LP Fat Wreck Chords 2007
American Steel Dear Friends And Gentle Hearts 12" LP Fat Wreck Chords 2009
American Steel Rogue's March CD Lookout 1999
Anal Thunder Table For One CD Full House 2006
Anal Thunder Cheap Wine And Quality Time CD-ep Hell's Tone 2003
Anal Thunder 4AM Illusion 12" LP Hell's Tone 2008
Anal Thunder / No Redeeming Social Value Have A Hangover With... 7" ep Kidney 2002
Andy Williams The Very Best Of CD Sony/BMG 2007
Andy Williams Christmas Album 12" LP Hallmark 1984
Andy Williams Music From Across The Way 7" single CBS 1971
Angelic Upstarts Out Of Control 7" single Warner 1980
Angry Johnny The Highway And The Rain CD Pete's Pig Parts 2006
Angry Johnny Overcome With Lonely CD Pete's Pig Parts 2007
Angry Johnny Razor Blade Suit CD Pete's Pig Parts 2005
Angry Johnny Finally Gave Up Missin You Today CD Pete's Pig Parts 2006
Angry Johnny Bones CD Pete's Pig Parts 1993
Angry Johnny & The Killbillies Hankenstein CD Pete's Pig Parts 1996
Angry Johnny & The Killbillies What's So Funny CD Pete's Pig Parts 1998
Angry Johnny & The Killbillies Dance Of the Shufflers CD Pete's Pig Parts 2012
Angry Johnny & The Killbillies Killville Auto Salvage Vol.1 CD Pete's Pig Parts 2005
Angry Johnny & The Killbillies Puttin The Voodoo On Monroe CD Pete's Pig Parts 2003
Angry Johnny & The Killbillies / The Cheetahs Split 7" ep Chunk 1993
Angry Samoans Inside My Brain 12" LP Queer Pills 1979
Animals, The Baby Let Me Take You Home / Gonna Send You Back To Walker 7" single Columbia 1964
Animals, The The Animals 12" LP Charly 1975
Anita Hirvonen Itke Vaan Jos Helpottaa - 20 Suosikkia CD Warner 1997
Annihilation Time Tales Of The Ancient Age 12" LP Tee Pee 2008
Annihilation Time II 12" LP Tankcrimes 2004
Annikki Tähti Pieni Sydän 7" ep Scandia 1955
Another Sinking Ship Legacy 12" LP Combat Rock 2008
Another Sinking Ship Works Well In Crowded Area 7" ep Roku/Psychedelica 2009
Anssi 8000 Soundtracks 7" ep None 2014
Anssi 8000 & Kovat Piipussa Svesse CD Squashimodo 2006
Anssi 8000 & Kovat Piipussa Kyklops CD Musapojat 2006
Anssi 8000 & Kovat Piipussa Sahalahti Shakedown CD Musapojat 2005
Anssi 8000 & Maria Stereo I Feel Like Surfing 12" ep Bone Voyage 2008
Anti-Flag The Terror State 12" LP Fat Wreck Chords 2003
Anti-Flag Underground Network 12" LP Fat Wreck Chords 2001
Anti-Flag The People Or The Gun 12" LP Side One Dummy 2009
Anti-Flag For Blood And Empire CD RCA 2006
Anti-Flag The People Or The Gun CD Side One Dummy 2009
Anti-Flag Die For The Government CD Rhythm Vicar 1997
Antonio Vivaldi Neljä Vuodenaikaa 12" LP Musidisc 1983
Apollo Apollo CD Warner 2002
Aquabats, The Charge!! CD Nitro 2005
Aquabats, The Myths, Legends and Other Amazing Adventures Vol.2 CD Fearless 2000
Aquabats, The Hi-Five Soup! CD Fearless 2011
Aretha Franklin 3 Original Album Classics 3CD Columbia 2010
Armalite Armalite 12" LP No Idea 2005
Armalite Humungous 7" single No Idea 2011
Armitage Shanks You're Here, I'm Hooked, You're Gone 7" single Hangman's Daughter 2004
Arrivals, The Razorcake Sisters 7" ep Razorcake 2008
Arteries Restless CD Specialist Subject 2012
Arthur Alexander The Greatest CD Ace 2006
Astro Zombies, The Control Your Minds 12" LP Crazy Love 2001
Astronauts, The Rocket To Mars 7" ep Pin Up 1994
At The Drive In In/Casino/Out CD Fearless 1998
Atom Notes Atom Notes EP 7" ep Combat Rock 2009
Atom Notes Spare Parts 12" LP Combat Rock 2011
Attack! Vipers! Deadweight Revival CD Specialist Subject 2012
Attentat Sonore Social Headache 10" Maloka 2001
Audacity Power Drowning CD Recess 2008
Aurinkokerho / Oheisvasara Split 7" ep Halla 1995
Austin Lucas A New Home In The Old World CD Combat Rock 2011
Autistic Youth Landmine Beach 12" LP Taken By Surprise 2008
Autistic Youth Idle Minds 12" LP Taken By Surprise 2010
Automatics Makin' Out 7" ep Mutant Pop 1996
Automatics Fortune Teller 7" ep Killer 1997
Baby Washington That's How Heartaches Are Made 7" single Sue 1963
Bad Brains Pay To Cum 7" ep Bad Brains 1980
Bad Co. Project Sucker Stories 2x12" LP Knock Out 2006
Bad Sports Kings Of The Weekend 12" LP Dirtnap 2010
Bambi Molesters, The Bikina Machines / Central Coast Swing 7" single Kamikaze 1998
Bangers Dude Trips - Collected Recordings '08-'09 12" LP Specialist Subject 2010
Banner Pilot Resignation Day 12" LP Kiss Of Death 2008
Banner Pilot Collapser 12" LP Fat Wreck Chords 2009
Banner Pilot Heart Beat Pacific 12" LP Fat Wreck Chords 2011
Banner Pilot Pass The Poison CD None 2006
Banner Pilot Souvenir 12" LP Fat Wreck Chords 2014
Banner Pilot Resignation Day CD Fat Wreck Chords 2008
Banner Pilot Collapser CD Fat Wreck Chords 2009
Barry McGuire Eve Of Destruction / What's Exactly The Matter With Me 7" single RCA 1964
Barse They Said It Couldn't Happen Here... And It Didn't! 12" LP Hell's Tone 2002
Barse Better Be Ready 7" ep Hell's Tone 2003
Barse If You Can't Fuck 'Em, Cut 'Em Up CD Hell's Tone 2007
Baseball Furies Lost Ones 7" single Alien Snatch 2007
Batmobile Welcome To Planet Cheese CD Count Orlok 1997
Bauhaus She's In Parties 7" single Beggar's Banquet 1983
Bazed Defensor CD-ep Grey Days 1997
Bazed Bazed 7" ep Grey Days 1996
Beat Beat Beat Living In The Future 12" LP Alien Snatch 2006
Beat Devils Second Date CD Crazy Love 2008
Beat Devils Another Dream CD Crazy Love 2011
Beavers / Gaunt, The Split 7" single Demolition Derby 1993
Belaboris Koko tuotanto + Bonukset CD Poko 2012
Beltones, The Cheap Trinkets CD TKO 2001
Ben Weaver Living In The Ground CD 30/30 Industries 2003
Bill Haley & His Comets Rock Around The Clock / See You Later Alligator 7" single Polydor 1980
Bill Haley & His Comets Rock Around The Clock /Thirteen Women 7" single Old Gold 1982
Bill Haley & His Comets Bill Haley's Greatest Hits! 12" LP MCA 1968
Bill Haley & His Comets Rock Around The Clock CD Geffen 2004
Billy Childish And The Blackhands The Original Chatham Jack 12" LP Sub Pop 1992
Billy Idol Charmed Life CD Chrysalis 1990
Billy Idol Rebel Yell CD Virgin 1999
Billy Lee Riley Red Hot (At Sun Records) CD Charly 2004
Billy Reese Peters Almost Heaven CD No Idea 2006
Bing Crosby 20 Golden Greats 12" LP Deja Vu 1985
Bishops's Green Pressure CD Rebellion 2014
Black Flag Nervous Breakdown 7" single SST 1978
Black Flag Six Pack 10" SST 1982
Black Flag Damaged 12" LP SST 1979
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Ain't No Easy Way Out 7" single Echo 2005
Blast Furnace Can't Stop The Boy 7" single Nighthawk 2002
Blood For Blood Serenity 12" LP Spook City 2004
Blood For Blood Revenge On Society 12" LP Victory 1999
Bloodbath & Beyond Punk Planets 7" ep Recess 2009
Blubberheads The Daily Routine Of Mr. Whoever 7" ep Negative Music 1994
Blubberheads Traumance 7" ep Boing Being 1996
Blubberheads So Long Sanity 7" ep Boing Being 1995
Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited 12" LP CBS 1965
Bob Hund Jag Rear Ut Min Själ! Allt Skall Bort!!! CD Silence 1998
Bob Hund Helgen v. 48 CD-single Silence 1999
Bob Hund Bob Hund CD-ep Silence 1993
Bob Hund 10 År Bakat & 100 År Framåt 2CD Silence 2002
Bob Smart Singers And The Timebeats Dance Oh Pretty Woman 7" ep Gala 1965
Bobby Darin Splish Splash - The Best of CD ATCO 1992
Bollock Brothers, The The Last Supper CD Charly 1996
Bombshell Rocks Love For The Microphone 10" Combat Rock 2004
Bombshell Rocks The Conclusion 12" LP Combat Rock 2006
Bonecrusher Working for Nothing... CD Hostage 1998
Bonecrusher Tomorrow Is Too Late 12" LP Knock Out 2004
Bonecrusher Fractured 2CD Knock Out 2004
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy I See A Darkness CD Domino 1999
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Master And Everyone CD Domino 2003
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Ease Down The Road CD Domino 2001
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Sings Greatest Palace Music 2x12" LP Domino 2004
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Cold & Wet / Buried Treasure 7" single Domino 2006
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Matt Sweeney Superwolf 12" LP Domino 2005
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Matt Sweeney I Gave You / Four Screams 7" single Domino 2005
Boomhauer Gotta Hear The Music 7" ep Rhythm Barrel 2001
Boomhauer Lies About Women 7" ep Rhythm Barrel 2002
Boomhauer Saturday Night Live 7" ep Rhythm Barrel 2003
Boston Boston CD Epic 1976
Bottomless Pit Shade Perennial 12" LP Comedy Minus One 2013
Bottomless Pit Blood Under The Bridge CD Comedy Minus One 2010
Bottomless Pit Hammer Of The Gods CD Comedy Minus One 2007
Boys, The The Boys 12" LP Link 1990
Brenda Lee Rock-A-Bye Baby 7" single Brunswick 1958
Brenda Lee Fool No. 1 / Anybody But Me 7" single Decca 1961
Brenda Lee Break It To Me Gently / So Deep 7" single Brunswick 1962
Brenda Lee Bye Bye Blues 12" LP Brunswick 1966
Brenda Lee The Best Of CD MCA 1995
Bridge And Tunnel Rebuilding Year CD No Idea 2011
Briefs, The Sex Objects 12" LP BYO 2004
Briggs, The Back To Higher Ground CD One Side Dummy 2006
Briggs, The Come All You Madmen CD One Side Dummy 2008
Broken Toys Dirt 12" LP Incognito 1991
Broken Toys The Broken Toys 7" ep Incognito 1990
Bronx, The The Bronx (II) CD Island 2006
Bronx, The The Bronx (I) CD White Drugs 2003
Bruce Springsteen Darkness on the Edge of Town CD Columbia 1978
Bruce Springsteen Magic CD Columbia 2007
Brutal Knights Feast Of Shame CD Deranged 2006
Brutal Knights Life Ain't Cool 7" ep Riff Raff 2007
Brutal Knights Terrible Evenings e.p. 7" ep P. Trash 2008
Brutal Knights Living By Yourself 12" LP Deranged 2008
Buddy Holly Peggy Sue / It Doesn't Matter Anymore 7" single Maybellene 2005
Buddy Holly & The Crickets That'll Be The Day 7" ep MCA 1958
Buff Medways, The Lie Detector / Dear Lorna 7" single Damaged Goods 2005
Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield CD ATCO 1966
Buffalo Springfield Again CD ATCO 1967
Built to Spill There's nothing wrong with Love CD City Slang 1994
Built to Spill Keep it Like a Secret CD City Slang 1999
Built to Spill Perfect From Now On CD Warner 1997
Built to Spill You In Reverse CD Warner 2006
Built to Spill There Is No Enemy CD Warner 2009
Bunker Hill Hide & Go Seek 7" single Norton 2006
Bunny Sigler Will You Love Me Tomorrow 7" single Decca 1966
Business, The Hardcore Hooligan 12" LP Burning Heart 2003
Busy Signals S/T 12" LP Dirtnap 2008
Buzzcocks Everybody's Happy Nowadays 7" single United Artists 1979
Buzzcocks Singles Going Steady CD I.R.S. 1979
Canadian Rifle Facts 7" ep Residue 2010
Canadian Rifle Visibility Zero 12" LP Residue 2009
Caravan Caravan CD Decca 2002
Career Suicide Sars EP 7" ep Deranged 2003
Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes 7" single Jet 1978
Carrie Nations / This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb Split 7" ep Plan-It-X 2004
Carter Family, The Wildwood Flower CD Not Now 2008
Cause For Alarm Cause For Alarm 7" ep Victory 1994
Cause For Effect / Utter Bastards Split 3'' CD Tylyt Levyt 1997
Caves Homeward Bound CD Specialist Subject 2011
Caves Collection CD Specialist Subject 2011
Caves Betterment CD Bombed Out 2013
Chain & The Gang Minimum Rock n Roll CD Fortuna Pop 2014
Chain & The Gang In Cool Blood CD KRecs 2012
Chaquito, Alan Haven with Tony Cromble Latin Sounds For The Small Hours 2x12" LP Fontana 1967
Cheap Tragedies EP 7" ep No Idea 2008
Checkmates, The Do The Walk (The Temptation Walk) 7" single Capitol 1966
Cheerleaders United Electric Blue / Out Of Heaven 7" single Rhythm Barrel 2002
Cheeztones When Men Get Too Anxious 7" ep EarCheez 1995
Cherries, The Daddy O 7" ep Morning Glory 1995
Chinese Stars, The Listen To Your Left Brain CD Three One G 2007
Chinese Stars, The A Rare Sensation CD Three One G 2004
Chinese Stars, The Listen To Your Left Brain 12" LP Skin Graft 2007
Chinese Stars, The A Rare Sensation 12" LP Three One G 2004
Chinese Stars, The Heaven On Speed Dial 12" LP Anchor Brain 2009
Chinese Telephones Chinese Telephones CD It's Alive 2007
Chixdiggit! Pink Razors 12" LP Fat Wreck Chords 2005
Chixdiggit! From Scene To Shining Scene 12" LP Honest Don's 2000
Chixdiggit! II CD Bad Taste 2007
Chixdiggit! Chixdiggit! CD Sub Pop 1996
Chixdiggit! Safeways Here We Come 12" LP Fat Wreck Chords 2011
Christian Death Only Theatre of Pain CD Frontier 1982
Chubby Checker Let's Twist Again / The Twist 7" single London 1960
Chucho Valdes Yemaya CD Egrem 1997
Cigarette Crossfire Man's Best Friend 7" single Tuska Ja Ahdistus 2010
Cigarette Crossfire In Between The Disease And The Cure 12" LP Combat Rock 2011
Cinch, The EP CD Dirtnap 2002
Circle Jerks Group Sex 12" LP Frontier 1980
Citizen Fish Active Ingredients CD Bluurg 1998
Citizen Fish Millenia Madness CD Bluurg 1995
Citizen Fish Wider Than a Postcard 12" LP Bluurg 1991
Clams, The What's Wrong With This Picture 7" single Susstones 1986
Clash, The Give 'em Enough Rope 12" LP CBS 1978
Clash, The The Clash 12" LP Epic 1977
Clash, The Shoul I Stay Or Should I Go / Straight To Hell 7" single CBS 1982
Clash, The The Magnificent Dance / Seven 7" single CBS 1981
Cloak / Dagger We Are CD Reflections 2007
Cloak / Dagger Pinata 7" ep Grave Mistake 2007
Cloak / Dagger Kamikazes 7" single Grave Mistake 2007
Cloak / Dagger S/T 7" single Jade Tree 2009
Cloak / Dagger Lost Art 12" LP Jade Tree 2009
Clorox Girls Eva Braun 7" single Burning Sensation 2006
Clorox Girls Clorox Girls 12" LP Smartguy 2004
Clorox Girls This Dimension 12" LP Smartguy 2005
Clorox Girls J'aime Les Filles 12" LP BYO 2007
Clorox Girls This Dimension / Animal Eyes 7" single Jonny Cat 2004
Clutch Impetus ep CD-ep Earache 1992
Clutch Robot Hive / Exodus CD DRT 2005
Clutch Pure Rock Fury CD Atlantic 2001
Clutch Strange Cousins From The West CD Weathermaker 2009
Coasters, The Love Potion Number Nine 7" single Polydor 1971
Cococoma Cococoma 12" LP Goner 2007
Coffinshakers, The The Coffinshakers 12" LP Cobra 2007
Coffinshakers, The Return Of The Vampire 7" single Sure Shot 2003
Coffinshakers, The We Are The Undead CD Primitive Arts 1999
Confusa Confusa 12" LP Combat Rock 2007
Copyrights / The Brokedowns, The Split 7" ep No Idea 2011
Cosmobile Luna CD-ep None 2002
Cosmobile Travels CD Jukeboss 2007
Coutry Dark, The Dead Man's Handjob 12" LP Big Money 2013
Coyote Men Mullet Man EP 7" ep Dull City 1999
Crazy Horse Crazy Horse 12" LP Reprise 1976
Creatures, The Miss The Girl 7" single Polydor 1983
Creatures, The Wild Things 7" ep Polydor 1981
Criminal Damage No Solution CD Feral Ward 2007
Criminal Damage Criminal Damage 12" LP Feral Ward 2007
Crosby & Nash Whistling Down The Wire 12" LP ABC 1976
Crosby, Stills & Nash Crosby, Stills & Nash 12" LP Atlantic 1969
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Deja Vu 12" LP Atlantic 1970
Crown Court Trouble from London CD Rebellion 2016
Cub Betti-Cola CD Mint 1993
Cult, The Revolution 7" single Beggar's Banquet 1985
Culture Shock All The Time 12" LP Bluurg 1989
Culture Shock Onwards & Upwards 12" LP Bluurg 1988
Culture Shock Go Wild! 12" LP Bluurg 1987
Cupid Car Club, The M.P. 7" ep Kill Rock Stars 1994
Cure, The Staring At The Sea - The Singles CD Polygram 1986
Cure, The Pornography CD Fiction 1982
Cure, The S/T CD Geffen 2004
Cure, The Bloodflowers CD Fiction 2000
Cure, The Disintegration CD Fiction 1989
Cure, The Wish CD Fiction 1992
Cybermen, The New Thrill 12" LP Destination Uranus 1990
Cybermen, The From Beyond 7" ep Destination Uranus 1992
Cybermen, The Paint The Subway Blue 7" ep Destination Uranus 1989
Cybermen, The House Of Wax 7" single Destination Uranus 1989
Cyclops Escape from Cyplops Island 10" Surfin' Ki 2014
Dag Nasty Four On The Floor CD Epitaph 1992
Damned, The Music For Pleasure CD Demon 1977
Damned, The Damned Damned Damned CD BMG 1977
Damned, The Machine Gun Etiquette CD Ace 1979
Damned, The Phantasmagoria 2CD Island 1985
Damned, The The Shadow Of Love 7" single MCA 1985
Dan Melchior Instant Love / That's No Way To Get Along 7" single Smartguy 2000
Dan Melchior The Backward Path 12" LP Northern Spy 2012
Dan Melchior Und Das Menace When Bottle Runs Dry 7" ep Bug House 2006
Dan Melchior Und Das Menace Christmas For The Crows 12" LP Daggerman 2008
Dan Melchior Und Das Menace Obscured By Fuzz 12" LP Topplers 2009
Dan Melchior Und Das Menace Thankyou Very Much 2x12" LP SS 2009
Dan Melchior Und Das Menace Visionary Pangs 12" LP SS 2010
Dan Melchior's Broke Revue Heavy Dirt 12" LP In The Red 2001
Dan Melchior's Broke Revue This Love Is Real CD Sympathy For The Record Industry 1999
Dan Melchior's Broke Revue Remote Control / Like a Fox 7" single Troubleman Unlimited 2003
Danny Tuuliviiri - 20 Suosikkia CD Warner 1995
David Axelrod London / The Poison Tree 7" single Stateside 1968
David Crosby If I Could Only Remember My Name CD Atlantic 1975
Day By Day We Need More Than Your Compassion 7" ep None 1994
Daylight Robbery Washtenaw 7" ep Residue 2008
Daylight Robbery Red Tape 7" ep Residue 2009
Daylight Robbery Throught The Confusion 12" LP Residue 2010
Daylight Robbery Ecstatic Vision 12" LP Taken By Surprise 2012
Dead Combo Dead Combo CD Output 2004
Dead Moon Dead Ahead 12" LP Music Maniac 2004
Dead Moon Dead Moon Night 12" LP Music Maniac 2003
Dead Moon Trash And Burn 12" LP Music Maniac 2001
Dead Moon Strange Pray Tell 12" LP Music Maniac 1992
Dead To Me Cuban Ballerina 12" LP Fat Wreck Chords 2006
Deadcats, The Bad Pussy 12" LP Crazy Love 2002
Deadcats, The Feline 500 CD Flying Saucer 2007
Dear Landlord Dream Homes CD No Idea 2009
Death In Vegas Scorpio Rising CD BMG 2002
Death With A Dagger Death With A Dagger CD-ep Deaf Forever 2006
Death With A Dagger / Kylmä Sota Split 7" ep Deaf Forever 2006
Death With A Dagger / Work Shy Split 7" ep Deaf Forever 2008
Defect Defect Defect Defect 12" LP Residue 2010
Defect Defect Words 7" ep CTR 2009
Defiance No Time E.P. 7" ep Profane Existence 1996
Del Shannon / The Drifters Runaway / Under The Broadwalk 7" single K-Tel 1989
Delgados, The Hate CD Mantra 2002
Della Reese Swing, Slow & Chachacha CD BMG 2001
Delmonas, The Do The Uncly Willy 12" LP Get Hip 2003
Descendents Everything Sucks CD Epitaph 1996
Descendents Cool To Be You 12" LP Fat Wreck Chords 2004
Descendents Somery 2x12" LP SST 1991
Descendents Bonus Fat 12" LP SST 1987
Descendents Enjoy! 12" LP SST 1986
Descendents Milo Goes To College 12" LP SST 1982
Desmond Dekker And The Aces Israelites / The Man 7" single Polydor 1969
Devil Doll The Return Of Eve CD Lucky Bluebird 2007
Devo Working In The Coal Mine 7" single Warner 1981
Dialtones, The So Many Girls 7" single Bad Afro 2000
Die Hunns You Rot Me 12" LP PLU 2006
Dildo Mania 3rd. Revenge of Opposition / Positive Song 7" single Weird Dreams / Monster Magic 1996
Dinosaur Jr. Without a Sound CD Warner 1994
Dinosaur Jr. Where You Been CD Warner 1993
Dinosaur Jr. Green Mind CD Wea 1991
Dinosaur Jr. Hand It Over 2CD Warner 1997
Dinosaur Jr. You're Living All Over Me CD SST 1987
Dinosaur Jr. Fuzzy Blast 12" LP None 1989
Dinosaur Jr. Bug CD Sweet Nothing 1988
Dinosaur Jr. Beyond CD Pias 2007
Dinosaur Jr. Dinosaur CD Sweet Nothing 1985
Dinosaur Jr. I Bet on Sky CD Play It Again Sam 2012
Dinosaur Jr. You're Living All Over Me CD Sweet Nothing 2005
Dion & The Belmonts I Wonder Why / A Teenager in Love 7" single RCA 1959
Direct Control Nuclear Tomorrow E.P. 7" ep Sorry State 2005
Direct Control Direct Control RePress 7" ep Grave Mistake 2009
Disgrace Born Tired CD Gashopper 2004
Disgrace Gula 7" ep Greatest Vinyl Collections 1997
Disgrace Degeneration II CD Big Money 2007
Disgrace Hi There! 7" ep Scapegoat 1999
Disgrace / Tenderizer The Sound And The Fury Split 7" ep Solardisk 2002
Diskelmä / Polttoitsemurha Split 7" ep Kämäset Levyt 2010
Disturbed, The Eye Spy / Don't Stop 7" single Detour 1997
Dolly Parton 5 Original Album Classics CD-boxset RCA 2008
Donny Osmond Lonely Boy / Why 7" single MGM 1972
Doom Rush Hour Of The Gods 12" LP Flat Earth 1996
Doris Day Que Sera, Sera CD MCPS 2006
Double Negative Outstanding Achievements In The Fields Of Excellence 7" single Sorry State 2008
Douft Punk Discovery CD Virgin 2001
Douft Punk Human After All CD Virgin 2005
Down My Throat Through The River Of Denial CD Combat Rock 2005
Dr. Green 10 Green Years CD Zona 2006
Drips, The The Drips CD White Drugs 2006
Droogs Stone Cold World / Kingdom Day CD Music Maniac 1992
Droogs Kingdom Day 12" LP PVC 1987
Droogs Anthology 12" LP Music Maniac 1987
Duane Eddy Guitar Man 12" LP Pickwick 1975
Dwyers, The Gas Station Masturbation CD Airiston Punk-Levyt 2009
Dwyers, The Bowling With Jesus CD Airiston Punk-Levyt 2011
Dylan Posa And The Three Cheers For One Dead Man Executive Shirts '79 / The Nairu Revolt 7" single Northern Varieties 2006
Eagles Of Death Metal Peace Love Death Metal CD Antacid Audio 2004
Echo Is Your Love DNA / Six Month Night 7" single If Society 2016
Echo Is Your Love 8 Hours CD If Society 2002
Echo Is Your Love Paper Cut Eyes CD If Society 2004
Echo Is Your Love Humansize CD If Society 2006
Echo Is Your Love Heart Fake CD If Society 2010
Eddie And The Hot Rods Teenage Depression 12" LP Island 1976
Eddie And The Hot Rods Teenage Depression 7" single Island 1976
Eddie Cochran The Best Of CD EMI 1996
Eddy Mers And His Radio-TV Orchestra Greatest TV Themes For Dancing 12" LP Concert Hall 1968
Edith Frost Wonder Wonder 12" LP Drag City 2001
Edith Frost Telescopic 12" LP Drag City 1998
Edith Frost Calling Over Time 12" LP Drag City 1997
Edith Frost Love Is Real CD-single Drag City 1999
Edith Frost It's A Game CD Drag City 2005
Edith Piaf Exodus 7" single Columbia 1972
Eila Pienimäki Neljä Ruusua 7" single Rytmi 1960
Elvis Presley Can't Help Falling In Love / Love Me Tender 7" single RCA 1961
Eläkeläiset Humppa United CD Stupido 2008
Eläkeläiset Humppaelämää CD Stupido 2003
Enablers, The Sweet Fuck All CD-ep Newest Industry 2003
End In Sight Obiter Dictum 7" ep Grey Days 1996
Ennio MOrricone Movie Masterpieces CD BMG 2004
Eppu Normaali Poliisi Pamputtaa Taas 7" single Combat Rock 1977
Equals, The Baby Come Back 7" single Stateside 1968
Erkki Joutseno Relaxing at Tervalampi CD Mad House / Neko 2011
Ernie K. Doe Here Come The Girls CD Evangeline 2009
Ernie K. Doe The Best Of CD Mardi Gras 1999
Everly Brothers All I Have To Do Is Dream / Claudette 7" single Maybellene 2005
Everly Brothers Bye Bye Love 7" single Eric 1974
F.Y.P Made In USA 7" ep Recess 1991
Face To Face Disconnected 7" ep Fat Wreck Chords 1991
Failure Face Failure Face 7" ep Burrito 1995
Failure Face All Pain No Gain 7" ep Ebullition / Daybreak 1996
Failure Face / E.B.S. Split 12" LP None 1996
Fall Out Boy From Under The Cork Tree CD Island 2005
Fantastic Baggys Surfin' Craze 12" LP Edsel 1965
Fats Domino I'm Walkin' / I'm Gonna Be On A Wheel Someday 7" single Maybellene 2005
Fats Domino When I'm Walking 12" LP Embassy 1963
Fifi and The Mach III New Race 7" ep Wrench 1998
Fifth Hour Hero You have hurt my business and my reputation too 7" ep No Idea 2006
Fifty Foot Combo Caffeine 12" LP Drunkabilly 2002
Fifty Foot Combo Go Hunting 12" LP Drunkabilly 2001
Fifty Foot Combo Strike! - The Early Years 1994-2000 12" LP Drunkabilly 2000
Fight Da Suckas O.C-P.O-G.O 7" ep Bad Card 1994
Fikure Market CD-ep Lo-Finn 1994
Fine Young Cannibals The Raw & The Cooked CD Fear 1988
Firebirds Firebirds 7" single Kogar 1993
Flaming Stars, The Spilled Your Pint 7" single Bang! 2004
Flatbroke Trio Liquer Lullaby EP 7" ep Jungle 2007
Fleshtones American Beat 12" ep I.R.S. 1984
Flippin' Beans Another Brilliant Disaster CD FastRock Factory 2002
Fokkum Paradise CD None 2011
Forgotten, The Control Me 12" LP BYO 2002
Four Aces, The Mood For Love Volume 2 7" ep Rhythm 1958
France Gall Pouppee De Cire Pouppee De Son 7" ep Philips 1965
Frank Sinatra I Will Wait For You 7" single Reprise 1968
Frank Sinatra Strangers In The NIght 7" single Reprise 1966
Frank Sinatra Mr. Success 7" ep Capitol 1962
Frank Sinatra Greatest Hits CD Reprise 1968
Frank Sinatra My Way - The Best Of 2CD Warner 1997
Frank Sinatra Learnin' The Blues 7" single Capitol 1955
Frank Zappa Hot Rats CD Ryko 1995
Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 Night of The Living Drag Queen CD PLU 2002
Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 Songs From The Recently Deceased CD PLU 2000
Frankie The Damage Ready For The Bullet CD Wanton 2005
Frankie The Damage Payback Time 12" LP Psychedelica 2010
Franz Lambert Hammond Hit Parade 3 12" LP Fontana 1973
Freak Power More Of Everything... For Everybody CD Fourth & Broadway 1996
Freeman Ajetaan Tandemilla / Mystilliset Kyyneleet 7" single Love 1976
Freesound Haave / Highway 66 7" single None 1981
Frustration Relax 12" LP Born Bad 2008
Fu Manchu In Search Of... CD Mammoth 1996
Fu Manchu California Crossing CD Mammoth 2002
Fu Manchu We Must Obey CD Magic Arts Publishing 2007
Fu Manchu We Must Obey 12" LP Magic Arts Publishing 2007
Fu Manchu Signs Of Infinite Power CD Magic Arts Publishing 2009
Fucked Up Year Of The Pig CD Matador 2008
Fucked Up Chemistry Of Common Life CD Matador 2008
Fucked Up Couple Tracks 2CD Matador 2009
Fucked Up David Comes To Life CD Matador 2011
Fucked Up Hidden World CD Jade Tree 2006
Fucked Up Daytrotter 7" single Matador 2009
Fugazi Steady Diet Of Nothing CD Dischord 1991
Fugazi In On A Killtaker 12" LP Dischord 1993
Fugazi Argument 12" LP Dischord 2001
Fugazi Repeater 12" LP Dischord 1990
Fugazi 7 Songs ep 12" ep Dischord 1988
Fugazi Margin Walker 12" ep Dischord 1988
Fugazi 3 Songs 7" ep Dischord 1989
Fumes, The Spine Tingling Excitement! 7" ep Empty 1995
Fun EP 10" None 2002
Funeral Oration Believer CD Hopeless 1997
Funeral Oration Survival CD Hopeless 1998
Funeral Oration Discography 2CD Hopeless 1998
Funeral Oration Funeral Oration 12" LP Hopeless 1995
Gaslight Anthem The '59 Sound 12" LP Side One Dummy 2008
Gaslight Anthem Amercan Slang CD One Side Dummy 2011
Gaslight Anthem Handwritten CD Mercury 2012
Gatorface Wasted Monuments CD No Idea 2009
Gene Ammons Angel Eyes CD Prestige 1998
Gene Ammons Light, Bluesy And Moody 12" LP Trip 1960
Gene Chandler Duke of Earl - The best of Vee Jay years CD Charly 2008
Gene Vincent Singles Album 12" LP EMI 1981
Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps Bluejean Bop CD Not Now 2007
Generation X Perfect Hits CD Chrysalis 1991
Geno Washington My Money, Your Money / Get Some Dab Tonight 12" single DJM 1979
Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band Hand Clappin' Foot Stompin' Funky-Butt... Live! 12" LP PYE 1966
Gentleman Jesse Featuring His Men 12" LP Douchemaster 2008
George "Bad" Benson Supership 7" single CTI 1975
George Jones Trouble In Mind 12" LP Liberty 1968
Germs, The The Complete Anthology CD Slash 1993
Ghetto Ways Solid Brown 12" LP Alien Snatch 2005
Ghetto Ways Ghetto Ways 12" LP Alien Snatch 2004
Gigantor / Goober Patrol Split 7" single Lost & Found 1993
Gigantor / Mr. T Experience Split 7" single G-Force 2000
Gigantor / Stepmothers Split 7" single G-Force 2000
Gino Washington Out Of This World 12" LP Norton 1999
Gino and THe Goons Check This Out 7" ep Slovenly 2015
Girls, The The Girls 12" LP Radio Blast 2002
Girls, The Yes No Yes No Yes 12" LP Dirtnap 2008
Glazed Gimme A Drink / Cushion 7" single IFA 1992
Gluecifer Tender Is The Savage 12" LP White Jazz 2000
Gluecifer Ridin' The Tiger 12" LP White Jazz 1997
Gluecifer Basement Apes 2x10" Steamhammer 2002
Go It Alone The Only Blood Between Us CD Rival 2005
Go It Alone Histories CD Rivalry 2007
Goldfrapp Black Cherry CD Mute 2003
Goo Goo Dolls Jed CD Metalblade 1994
Good Luck Into Lake Griffy 12" LP No Idea 2009
Gorilla Angreb Gorilla Angreb CD Feral Ward 2007
Gospel Of The Future Gospel Of The Future CD Epidemie 2007
Gourmet Six Acres of Broken Hearts CD Fiasko 2004
Gourmet Glamour & Decadence CD Fiasko 2001
Government Warning Arrested 7" ep Grave Mistake 2007
Government Warning Executed 7" ep Grave Mistake 2009
Grabass Charlestons Ask Mark Twain 12" LP No Idea 2005
Grabass Charlestons The Greatest Story Ever Hula'd 12" LP No Idea 2003
Grabass Charlestons Lead Us Down 7" ep Barracuda Sound 2007
Grabass Charlestons When The Funk Hits The Fan 7" ep Barracuda Sound 2006
Grabass Charlestons Razorcake Sisters 7" ep Razorcake 2008
Grabass Charlestons Dale & The Careeners 12" LP No Idea 2012
Grabass Charlestons Dale & The Careeners CD No Idea 2012
Grabass Charlestons / Billy Reese Peters Split CD No Idea 2001
Grabass Charlestons / The Ergs Split 7" ep No Idea 2006
Grabass Charlestons / Toys That Kill Split 12" LP No Idea 2010
Grateful Dead, The American Beauty 12" LP Warner 1970
Grateful Dead, The From The Mars Hotel 12" LP Line 1974
Greenhornes, The Loving In The Sun / Your Body, Not Your Soul 7" single Sweet Nothing 2006
Greenhornes, The Sewed Soles CD V2 2005
Groovie Ghoulies Freaks on Parade 12" ep Surfin' Ki 2014
Guilty Faces Domestic Bliss 12" LP Deranged 2009
H.A.P.A.N. Eräpäivä CD-ep Papu Levyt 2011
Hall & Oates Original Album Classics CD-boxset RCA 2013
Hamlisch, Marvin The Sting - OST 12" LP MCA 1974
Hammerlock Forgotten Range CD Steel Cage 2006
Hammerlock Compromise Is For Cowards CD Steel Cage 2003
Harry Hunks 20 Miles an Hour 7" ep Rhythm Barrel 2003
Harsh Harsh 7" ep Six Weeks 1996
Hasta La Vista Social Club Inhale The Evil CD Dropout Family 2005
Hasta La Vista Social Club About 34 Minutes Before Total Devastation CD Dropout Family 2004
Hasta La Vista Social Club Lake Lark White Trash CD Zombie Noise 2009
Hasta La Vista Social Club Melt CD Zombie Noise 2012
Hate Unit Hate Unit 7" ep Fastplant 2001
Heartburns / Barse, The Split 7" ep Hell's Tone 2006
Heartburns / Drowning Nation, The Split 7" ep Ratbite 2007
Heartburns / Frankie The Damage, The Split 7" ep Wanton 2005
Heartburns / Ronskibiitti, The Split 7" ep Hell's Tone 2005
Heartburns / TKU Trashin', The Split 7" ep PP 2003
Heartburns, The Fucked Up In A Bad Way CD Full House 2005
Heartburns, The Reatard On The Run 7" ep Wanton 2004
Heartburns, The Fixin' To Die 12" LP Combat Rock 2008
Heartburns, The Fixin' To Die CD Combat Rock 2008
Heartburns, The Too Much Drugs, Too Much TV CD Combat Rock 2009
Heartburns, The Cold Hell Below 7" ep Combat Rock 2014
Heartburns, The Compilation CS Mieletön Mutantti 2011
Heist Heist 7" ep Ecocentric 1994
Hellbillys Land Of Demons 12" LP Planet 1993
Hellbillys It's Alive 7" single Bottlecap 1994
Henry Theel Metsätorpan Marjatta 7" single Rytmi 1948
Herby Remington Steel Guitar Holiday 12" LP United Artists 1961
Hero Dishonest When The Shit Hits The Man 12" LP Sabotage 2007
Hero Dishonest S/T - Two Albums in One 12" LP Combat Rock 2006
Hero Dishonest Liha ja Teräs CD If Society 2016
Hex Dispensers, The The Hex Dispensers 12" LP Alien Snatch 2007
Hex Dispensers, The Winchester Mystery House 12" LP Douchemaster 2009
Hextalls, The Get Smashed 12" LP Surfin' Ki 2010
Hextalls, The Rock You to Sleep 12" LP Surfin' Ki 2012
Hey Mercedes Everynight Fire Works CD Vagrant 2001
Hidden Charms Squareroot Of Love 12" LP Alien Snatch 2006
High Tension Wires Midnight Cashier 12" LP Dirtnap 2007
High Tension Wires Welcome New Machine 12" LP Dirtnap 2011
Hipshakes Wasted Life 7" ep Slovenly 2010
Hipsters Singers, The Hip! Hip! Hipsters 7" ep PPK 1968
Hjertestop Vi ses i helvede 12" LP No Way 2009
Hole In The Head Trouble Cruiser 7" ep Legal 2003
Hollies, The On A Carousel 7" single Parlophone 1967
Holy Mess, The S/T CD Red Scare 2011
Holy Mountain / Black Tusk, The Split 7" ep No Idea 2007
Holy Mountain / Cobra Noir, The Split 7" ep No Idea 2004
Holy Mountain, The Entrails 12" LP No Idea 2005
Holy Mountain, The Your Face In Decline 7" ep No Idea 2003
Holy Mountain, The Enemies CD No Idea 2005
Holy Mountain, The Your Face In Decline 7" ep No Idea 2008
Holy Mountain, The Wrath 7" ep No Idea 2004
Hoods, The You Won't Take Her / Mystery Train 7" single Dionysus 1996
Hot Damn! The Girl Can't Help It CD Steel Cage 2005
Hot Pockets, The The Hot Pockets 12" LP Alien Snatch 2001
Hot Water Music The New What Next CD Epitaph 2004
Hot Water Music Caution 12" LP No Idea 2002
Hot Water Music Live in Chicago 6'' ep No Idea 2008
Hot Water Music / Rydell Split 7" ep Scene Police 2003
Humpy / Oheisvasara Split 7" ep Pink House 1996
Häiriköt Stydiä Staffia CD Woimasointu 2008
Hässäkkä Totaalinen Vitun EP 7" ep Rönky 1993
Hüsker Dü Everything Falls Apart And More CD Rhino 1993
I Walk The Line Desolation Street 12" LP Combat Rock 2005
I Walk The Line Badlands 12" LP Combat Rock 2003
I Walk The Line Diamond Eyes 7" single Combat Rock 2006
I Walk The Line Black Wave 7" single Combat Rock 2008
I Walk The Line Black Wave Rising! 12" LP Combat Rock 2008
I Walk The Line Black Wave CD-single Rookie 2008
I Walk The Line Language Of The Lost 12" LP FullSteam 2010
Ian Dury Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll 7" single Stiff 1977
Iggy Pop New Values 12" LP Arista 1980
Iggy Pop Candy 7" single Virgin 1990
Ignite Past Our Means CD-ep Revelation 1996
Iguanas, The The Iguanas 12" LP Norton 1996
Ikara Colt Wake In The City 7" single Fantastic Plastic 2005
Ikara Colt Chat And Business 12" LP Epitaph 2002
Imelda May Love Tattoo CD Universal 2007
Iron Chic Not Like This CD Dead Broke 2010
Iron Chic The Constant One CD Bridge Nine 2013
Irving Berlin Annie Get Your Gun - OST 10" MGM 1946
Izit Stories 12" single Perfecto 1989
J. Kiesi Grandes S/T 12" LP Airiston Punk-Levyt 2013
J. Mascis + The Fog More Light 2CD City Slang 2000
Jackson C. Frank Jackson C. Frank Promo CD Earth 2014
Jam, The In The City 12" LP Polydor 1977
James Brown Please Please Please CD Weton 2009
Jammy Rodgers, The Fish & Chips 7" ep No Idea 2009
Janis Joplin Farewell Song CD Columbia 1982
Jason Ringenberg A Pocketful Of Soul CD Courageous Chicken 2000
Jason Ringenberg Best Tracks And Side Tracks CD Yep Roc 2007
Jason Ringenberg Empire Builders CD Playground 2004
Jay Reatard Blood Visions 12" LP In The Red 2006
Jay Reatard I Know A Place / Don't Let Him Come Back 7" single Goner 2007
Jay Reatard Hammer I Miss You 7" single Goner 2006
Jefferson Airplane After Bathing At Baxter's 12" LP RCA 1983
Jefferson Airplane Crown of Creation 12" LP RCA 1968
Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon Will The Fetus Be Aborted? / The Lost World 7" single Alternative Tentacles 1993
Jerry J. Nixon Gentleman Of Rock'n'Roll 12" LP Voodoo Rhythm 2004
Jerry Lee Lewis Great Balls Of Fire / Hillbilly Music 7" single Maybellene 2005
Jewws I Need Your Lovin (but i don't need you) 7" single Alien Snatch 2002
Jimmy Witherspoon Ain't Nobody's Business CD Snapper 2005
Joe South Hearts Desire 7" single Capitol 1968
John Barry King Kong 12" LP Reprise 1976
John Cooper Clarke Disguise In Love CD Epic 1978
Johnny Hodges Jazz Greats CD RCA Victor 1996
Joni Ekman S/T CD Äänetön 2015
Joni Ekman ½ EP 7" ep Fuck CDs 2014
Joni Ekman I'm a Loner CS Fuck CDs 2015
Joni Ekman Rock & Roll CS Fuck CDs 2016
Joni Ekman & Koira Älä tuhlaa aikaani / Mä jäin yksin CS Fuck CDs 2016
Jorma Kaukonen Quah CD BMG Heritage 2003
Josè Gonzáles Veneer CD Imperal 2003
Jouko Ja Kosti Schwabadaba Ding Ding 7" single Polydor 1974
Journey Original Album Classics CD-boxset Columbia 2013
Joy Division The Peel Sessions 12" ep Polygram 1979
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures 12" LP Base 1980
Joy Division Closer 12" LP Base 1980
Joy Division Closer CD Centre Date 1980
Juice Leskinen & Coitus Int Marilyn / Einarin Polkupyörä 7" single Love 1974
Jukka Ja Jytämimmit Jytää vaan 12" LP None 2015
Jukka Kiesi Jukka Kiesi 7" ep Airiston Punk-Levyt 2010
Jukka Kiesi Kaupungista kaupunkiin 7" ep Airiston Punk-Levyt 2011
Jukka Nousiainen Huonoa seuraa 12" LP Rock'n'Roll Bullshit 2014
Jungle Fever California 7" single Surfin' Ki 2011
Kaisers, The Squarehead Stomp 12" LP Get Hip 1997
Kaisers, The In America EP 7" ep Norton 1996
Kakkahätä -77 Kakkahätä Tappaa 7" ep Deaf Forever 2006
Kakkahätä -77 WTC Räjähtää 7" ep Combat Rock 2007
Kakkahätä -77 Ei tää lama päähän käy 7" ep Combat Rock 2009
Kakkahätä -77 Ei tää lama päähän käy 7" ep Combat Rock 2009
Kakkahätä -77 Totaalinen Kakkahätä CD Combat Rock 2007
Kakkahätä -77 Huoltoasemalle unohdettu mies 12" LP Stupido 2011
Kakkahätä -77 / Kivesveto GoGo Split 7" single Airiston Punk-Levyt 2008
Kakkahätä -77 / Pertti Kurikan NImipäivät Split 7" ep Airiston Punk-Levyt 2010
Kamikazes, The Time For Rock 'n' Roll 7" ep Alien Snatch 2000
Karate Unsolved + Death Kit, Nerve & Cherry Coke 2x12" LP Southern 2000
Karate Karate 12" LP Southern 1995
Karate Pockets 12" LP Southern 2004
Karate The Bed Is In The Ocean 12" LP Southern 1998
Karate In Place Of Real Insight 12" LP Southern 1997
Karkkiautomaatti Karkuteillä CD Levy-Yhtiö 1994
Kashmar Gnev CD V.R. 2013
Kashmar Vaiettu CD-ep V.R. 2016
Kashmar / Total Vomit Experience Split 7" ep None 2012
Kauko Röyhkä Sinä olet tähti CD Ranka 1998
Kelis Kaleidoscope CD Virgin 1999
Khatarina Älä Epäröi Vaan Äpäröi 12" LP Deaf Forever 2007
Kid Dynamite Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems CD+DVD Jade Tree 2003
Kid Dynamite Shorter, Faster, Louder CD Jade Tree 2000
Kid Dynamite Kid Dynamite CD Jade Tree 1998
Kidnappers, The Neon Signs 12" LP Rip Off 2006
Kidnappers, The Ransom Notes & Telephone Calls 12" LP Alien Snatch 2003
Kieltolaki Totaalisen Tuhon Huominen 7" ep Combat Rock 2006
Kieltolaki Kuoleva Systeemi 7" ep Feral Ward 2011
Kieltolaki Kokoelma 12" LP Moo Cow 2011
Kilaueas, The Las Exentricas Aventuras Del Profesor Volcanova 12" LP Allscore 2005
Killed By The Bull The Princess Rides Into Holy Hell CD-ep Koi 2006
Killed By The Bull Killed By The Bull 12" LP Koi 2005
King Khan & BBQ Show, The Teabag Party 7" ep Crypt 2008
King Khan & BBQ Show, The What's For Dinner 12" LP In The Red 2006
Kirous Sivistyksen Rauniot 7" ep Scapegoat 1998
Kitshickers ...So That's The Miracle Of Life... CD Winged Skull 2006
Kivesveto GoGo Tuplaseiska 7" ep Riisto 2009
Kivesveto GoGo Saatana kutsuu minua 7" ep Morjekords 2009
Kivesveto GoGo Mieti Elämääs I 7" ep Rock'n'Roll Bullshit 2012
Kivesveto GoGo Tutti Frutti CD Kalansilmä 2014
Kivesveto GoGo Vesipäät 7" ep Rock'n'Roll Bullshit 2016
Knockout Pills, The 1+1 = Ate 12" LP Estrus 2004
Knockout Pills, The The Knockout Pills 12" LP Dead Beat 2003
Koiran Näköinen Nainen 1st EP 7" ep Blast Of Silence 2013
Koiran Näköinen Nainen 2nd EP 7" ep Blast Of Silence 2014
Kollaa Kestää Sotakoira Musti 7" single Combat Rock 1978
Kraftwerk Tour De France Soundtrack CD Kling Klang 2003
Kraftwerk The Model 7" single EMI 1978
Krähäjy Päähän, mahaan ja putkahan CS Tu Hero 2009
Kukkaislapset Antenniosasto CD None 2008
Kylmä Sota 10 Tracks 12" LP Feral Ward 2009
Kylmä Sota / Ydintuho Split 7" ep Psychedelica 2012
Kyre & Duunarit 3rd Kyre & Duunarit ep 7" ep Hell's Tone 2007
Kyre & Duunarit 2nd Kyre & Duunarit ep 7" ep Hell's Tone 2005
Kyre & Duunarit 1st Kyre & Duunarit ep 7" ep Hell's Tone 2003
Kyre & Duunarit 4th Kyre & Duunarit ep 7" ep Airiston Punk-Levyt 2010
Kyre & Duunarit 5th Kyre & Duunarit EP 7" ep Airiston Punk-Levyt 2014
Käpykaarti LP 12" LP Sarasteen Pienmuovi 2010
Käpykaarti Helppoja ratkaisuja moniulotteisiin ongelmiin 7" ep Sarasteen Pienmuovi 2011
Käpykaarti Elämantehtävä EP 7" ep Sarasteen Pienmuovi 2014
L'go Pistooli Holiday / Wicked Head 7" single Kääntö 2002
La Saga Del Canto Steel And Roses CD-ep Johanna 1998
Laguestra & His Cha-Cha-Cha's Viva El Cha Cha Cha 7" ep CNR 1972
Laila Kinnunen Marina 7" single Scandia 1959
Lance Kaufman The Dug Up Elvis 7" single Dionysus 1993
Langhorns Mission Exotica CD Bad Taste 2003
Lapinpolthajat Lapinpolthajat CD Totalmangel 2010
Larry And The Lefthanded From 0-20 to 40-116 and Back With 7" ep Trashcan 1994
Las Ardillas Linda Nina 7" single Slovenly 2012
Lasse Mårtenson Yö meren rannalla 12" LP K-Tel 1980
Lasse Mårtenson Limon Limonero / Tyttöni Maria 7" single RCA 1969
Laura Lee Supreme Soul Diva CD Demon Music Group 2012
Laura Lee The Chess Collection CD Universal 2006
Lavern Baker The Platinum Collection CD Rhino 2007
Lazards / The Seekrets Split EP 7" ep Blast Of Silence 2013
Leatherface Dog Disco CD BYO 2004
Leatherface Horsebox 12" LP BYO 2000
Leatherface Discography Part 2: Rare And Unreleased 12" LP Deranged 2006
Leatherface The Stormy Petrel 12" LP No Idea 2010
Leatherface The Last CD BYO 2001
Leatherface Minx CD Fire 1993
Lee Dorsey Working In The Coal Mine 7" single Quality 1966
Legendary Shack Shakers, The No Such Thing 7" single Yep Roc 2006
Leonard Cohen Greatest Hits CD Columbia 1975
Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space 12" LP Dot 1967
Leonard Nimoy The Touch Of 12" LP Dot 1969
Leonard Nimoy / William Shatner Spaced Out CD Universal 1997
Libertines, The Up The Bracket CD Rough Trade 2002
Life Giving Waters Almost There... CD Karma Mira 2009
Life Trap Bleak Reality 7" ep No Way 2007
Life Trap Solitary Confinement 7" ep No Way 2008
Lightning Beat-Man & The Never Heard of 'ems Apartment Wrestling Rock 'n' Roll 12" LP Voodoo Rhythm 1998
Lillingtons Too Late Show 12" LP Red Scare 2006
Lillingtons Death By Television 12" LP Panic Button 1998
Lillingtons The Backchannel Broadcast 12" LP Panic Button 2001
Little Esther Better Beware CD King 1997
Little Richard Long Tall Sally 12" LP Showcase 1986
Living End, The The Living End CD Reprise 1999
Living End, The State Of Emergency 12" LP Adeline 2006
Living End, The What's On Your Radio 7" single Deck Cheese 2006
Living End, The Modern Artillery CD Reprise 2003
Living End, The Roll On CD Reprise 2000
Locomotions, The The Locomotions 12" LP Alien Snatch 2002
Lord Hunt And His Missing Finks Rodan / The Clutch 7" single Screaming Apple 1994
Lords In Tongues 7" ep Hyperrealist 2008
Lords Of The New Church, The The Lords Of The New Church 12" LP I.R.S. 1982
Los Matecoco Chatanooga Chou Chou 7" ep Bel-Air 1961
Los Raw Gospels The Bleu Demon Vs. El Santo 7" ep Yaki Sakana 2005
Los Straitjackets Twist Party 12" LP+DVD Yep Roc 2006
Los Straitjackets At The Drive In 7" single Penniman 2000
Los Straitjackets Twist Party 2CD Yep Roc 2006
Lost Chords EP 7" ep Blast Of Silence 2014
Lost Sounds Lost Sounds 12" LP In The Red 2004
Love Forever Changes CD Elektra 1987
Lunar Outpost Everything We Know Is Wrong CD SubSystem Request 2010
Luopiot CDEP CD-ep None 2011
Lyres On Fyre CD Matador 1998
Lähdön Aika Pedot / Tulin vain häviämään 7" single Rusto Osiris 2011
Lähdön Aika / Haistelijat Split 7" ep No Longer Human 2010
Lähtevät Kaukojunat S/T 7" ep Rock'n'Roll Bullshit 2013
M.O.R.A. S/T CD 7HAI 2012
M.O.T.O. Single File CD Criminal IQ 2005
M.O.T.O. Raw Power 12" LP Criminal IQ 2005
M.O.T.O. Kill Moto 12" LP Criminal IQ 2005
M.O.T.O. Some Thing 7" ep Boom Chick 2007
M.O.T.O. Blast Of Silence 7" ep Savage / Radio Obligato 2007
M.O.T.O. Turn Your Head And Cough 1985 12" LP Lady Kinky Karrot 2007
M.O.T.O. This Corpse Is A Warning CD Rerun 1990
M.O.T.O. Pack Your Troubles In Dreams CD Rerun 2011
M.O.T.O. M.O.T.O. Goes Back To College - Live CD Rerun 2003
M.O.T.O. Battle Of The Band - Greatest Hits 1988-2005 CD Rerun 2010
M.O.T.O. St. John The Bastard CD Rerun 1999
M.O.T.O. Kissing All The Wrong Asses 7" ep Windian 2011
M.O.T.O. E Pluribus Moto RI 12" LP Rerun 2012
M.O.T.O. No Way Street 7" single Surfin' Ki 2012
MIchael Edward Campbell Roxanne 7" single Motown 1974
Maailmanloppu Täältä tulee sota EP 12" ep Svart 2015
Maakuntaradio Ex-tytöille 12" LP Airiston Punk-Levyt 2009
Maakuntaradio Ehkä Huomenna Kaikki On Toisin CD Airiston Punk-Levyt 2010
Maakuntaradio Ehkä Huomenna Kaikki On Toisin 12" LP Airiston Punk-Levyt 2010
Maakuntaradio Ei voi palata eiliseen 12" LP Airiston Punk-Levyt 2013
Maakuntaradio Ehkä Huomenna Kaikki on Toisin CS Mieletön Mutantti 2011
Makabert Fynd Ondskans Natur 12" LP Yellow Dog 2009
Makeout Party, The Play Pretend CD Teenacide 2008
Makeout Party, The Kapow 7" single Kapow 2005
Mama's And The Papa's, The Monday Monday 7" single RCA 1966
Mambohammer Mambohammer CD-ep Hell's Tone 2008
Mana Mana Complete... Kaikki CD Gaga Goodies 2000
Manifesto Jukebox Strain 12" LP Combat Rock 2007
Manifesto Jukebox Desire CD Combat Rock 2000
Manifesto Jukebox Strain CD Combat Rock 2007
Manifesto Jukebox / A Death In The Family Split 12" LP Combat Rock 2007
Marked Men / This Is My Fist, The Split 7" ep No Idea 2010
Marked Men, The Fix My Brain 12" LP Swami 2006
Marked Men, The On The Outside 12" LP Dirtnap 2004
Marked Men, The Marked Men 12" LP Dirtnap 2003
Marked Men, The Fortune 7" single Dirtnap 2008
Marked Men, The Ghosts 12" LP Dirtnap 2008
Martin Rojas A Dormir El Nino / En La Orilla Del Mundo 7" single Love 1975
Marvin Gaye What's Going On CD Motown 1986
Masshysteri Vår Del Av Stan 12" LP Feral Ward 2008
Masshysteri Masshysteri 12" LP Ny Våg 2010
Meanies, The 10% Weird CD Subway 1995
Meanies, The Cruelty's Fun CD-ep Au-Go-Go 1993
Meanies, The Come 'n' See 12" LP Au-Go-Go 1993
Meanies, The Them 7" single Jukkim 1992
Mel And Tim Backfield In Motion 7" single Bamboo 1969
Mensen Ready To Go / Down The Road 7" single Bootleg Booze 2004
Mensen Oslo City 12" LP Gearhead 2002
Meteors, The Psychobilly 12" LP PLU 2003
Meteors, The These Evil Things 12" LP PLU 2004
Meteors, The Slow Down You Grave Robbing Bastard 7" single Hellraiser 2006
Micragirls, The Feeling Dizzy Honey 10" Bone Voyage 2006
Micragirls, The Primitive Homeorgan Blast 7" ep Trashcan 2004
Micragirls, The Mind Twistin' Weekend 7" ep Weera 2003
Mielenhäiriö 1985 12" LP Hätäapu 2011
Miettiin Monta suoraa seinää 7" ep Rock'n'Roll Bullshit 2016
Milkshakes, The Sing and Play 20 Rock and Roll Hits of the 50's and 60's 12" LP Big Beat 1984
Milkshakes, The Nothing Can Stop These Men 12" LP Damaged Goods 1985
Millencolin Kingwood 12" LP Burning Heart 2005
Mind Spiders Worlds Destroyed 7" ep Dirtnap 2010
Minds, The Plastic Girls 12" LP Alien Snatch 2004
Minds, The Rip Our Your Eye 7" single Alien Snatch 2005
Minor Threat Complete Discography CD Dischord 1989
Misfits Legacy Of Brutality 12" LP Plan9 1990
Miss Monster Club Eating Brains Made Me Smart Demo CD-ep None 2005
Mission Of Burma Vs. CD Ryko 1997
Mission Of Burma Signals, Calls and Marches CD Ryko 1981
Modern Lovers Live 12" LP Beserkley 1978
Modern Lovers Rock 'n' Roll With The 12" LP Beserkley 1977
Modern Lovers Modern Lovers 12" LP Get Back 2003
Modern Lovers Egyptian Reggae 7" single Beserkley 1977
Modern Lovers Roadrunner / The Morning Of Our lives 7" single Beserkley 1977
Morphine Like Swimming CD Ryko 1997
Moscow Chamber Orchestra W. Mozart's Symphonies No.40 & 24 12" LP Melodia 1982
Motion City Soundtrack I Am The Movie 12" LP Epitaph 2003
Motion City Soundtrack I Am The Movie CD Epitaph 2003
Motorpsycho Wrenched CD Hollywood 1992
Motörhead The Wörld is Yours CD UDR 2010
Motörhead Motorizer CD Icarus 2008
Motörhead Bad Magic CD UDR 2015
Motörhead Aftershöck CD UDR 2013
Muffs, The Blonder And Blonder CD Reprise 1995
Muffs, The Happy Birthday To Me 12" LP Telstar 1997
Muffs, The Alert Today Alive Tomorow CD Honest Don's 1999
Muffs, The Whoop Dee Doo CD Cherry Red 2014
Mulatu Astatke Mulatu Astatke 10" Soundway 2005
Muncie Girls Revolution Summer CD-ep Specialist Subject 2012
Muncie Girls Sleepless CD Specialist Subject 2013
Murder City Devils Thelema CD-ep Sub Pop 2001
Murder City Devils In Name And Blood CD Sub Pop 2000
Murder City Devils Empty Bottles Broken Hearts CD Sub Pop 1998
Muska Mulla on uudet rullaluistimet / Lennetään lehdellä 7" single Love 1972
Myne S/T CD Heippa 2008
Mystons Black Book CD Mystons 2008
Mystons Bloodstained CD-single Mystons 2009
NERD Fly Or Die CD Virgin 2004
Nashville Pussy Go Motherfucker Go / Milk Cow Blues 7" single Get Hip 1997
Nat Gonella Original Recordings CD EMI 1997
Navigations The Green Valley 12" LP Northern Varieties 2005
Navigations Navigations 7" ep Northern Varieties 2004
Nazi Death Camp Never Trust a Four-Eye 7" ep Ratbite 2008
Nazi Death Camp We're Not Special, Just Retarded 7" ep Psychedelica 2007
Nazi Death Camp Satan Sez "Kill !" 7" ep Red Lounge 2009
Nazi Death Camp It's War Time Baby 7" ep Red Lounge 2009
Nazi Death Camp Inside The Mind Of A Mongoloid 7" ep Airiston Punk-Levyt 2010
Nazi Death Camp Never Trust a Four-Eye 7" ep Ratbite 2007
Nazi Death Camp / Royal Turds Split 7" single Red Lounge 2009
Nazi Death Camp / Sons Of Saddam Split 7" ep Red Lounge 2008
Neil Sedaka Collections CD Sony/BMG 2003
Neil Young Prairie Wind CD+DVD Reprise 2006
Neil Young Are You Passionate? CD Reprise 2002
Neil Young Silver & Gold CD Reprise 2000
Neil Young Harvest Moon CD Reprise 1992
Neil Young Freedom CD Reprise 1989
Neil Young Landing On Water CD Geffen 1986
Neil Young Trans CD Geffen 1982
Neil Young American Stars 'n Bars CD Reprise 1977
Neil Young Zuma CD Reprise 1975
Neil Young On The Beach CD Reprise 1974
Neil Young Harvest CD Reprise 1972
Neil Young After The Gold Rush CD Reprise 1970
Neil Young Neil Young CD Reprise 1969
Neil Young Hawks & Doves 12" LP Reprise 1980
Neil Young Old Ways 12" LP Geffen 1985
Neil Young Comes A Time 12" LP Reprise 1978
Neil Young Tonight's The Night 12" LP Reprise 1975
Neil Young Fork In The Road CD Reprise 2009
Neil Young Le Noise CD Reprise 2010
Neil Young Living With War CD Reprise 2006
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Ragged Glory CD Reprise 1990
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Sleep With Angels CD Reprise 1994
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Life CD Geffen 1987
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere CD Reprise 1969
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Broken Arrow CD Reprise 1996
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Greendale CD+DVD Reprise 2003
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Reactor 12" LP Reprise 1981
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Rust Never Sleeps 12" LP Reprise 1979
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Americana CD Reprise 2012
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Psychedelic Pill 2CD Reprise 2012
Neil Young & The Bluenotes This Note's For You 12" LP Reprise 1988
Neil Young & The Shocking Pinks Everybody's Rockin' CD Geffen 1983
New Bruises Chock Full of Misery CD No Idea 2011
New Bruises / Off Shore Radio Split 7" ep Kiss Of Death 2010
New Coke He Got Stabbed In The Throat 7" single None 2012
New Coke Duct Tape Your Mouth 7" single Black Gladiator 2014
New Mexican Disaster Squad Don't Believe CD Jade Tree 2006
New Mexican Disaster Squad Don't Believe 12" LP No Idea 2006
New Mexican Disaster Squad / Western Addiction Split 12" LP No Idea 2004
New Order Technique CD Centre Date 1989
Nightmares On Wax Carboot Soul CD Warp 1999
Nightsatan Steel Diamond 7" single Lipposen Levy Ja Kasetti 2009
Nina Simone The Greatest Hits CD BMG 2003
Nirvana Nevermind CD Geffen 1991
Nirvana Incesticide CD Geffen 1992
Nirvana In Utero CD Geffen 1993
Nirvana Bleach CD Geffen 1989
Nirvana MTV Unplugged in New York CD Geffen 1994
No System Dead Band Tell No Lies 7" ep No Way 2008
No Trigger Canyoneer 12" LP I Scream 2006
Norden Norden 12" LP Mata Hari 2004
Noro Morales & His Orchestra Latin American Dance Party 12" LP Allegro 1967
North Lincoln Midwestern Blood CD No Idea 2009
O Pioneers Neon Creeps 12" LP Kiss Of Death 2009
O Pioneers / Mike Park Split 7" single Suburban Home 2009
O Pioneers / New Bruisers Under The Influence #10 7" single Under The Influence 2009
Obliojoes / Humpy, The Split 7" ep Pink House 1996
Oblivians Play 9 Songs with Mr. Quintron 12" LP Crypt 1997
Off With Their Heads From The Bottom 12" LP No Idea 2008
Off With Their Heads In Desolation 12" LP Epitaph 2010
Off With Their Heads Hospitals 12" LP Recess 2006
Off With Their Heads All Things Move Toward Their End 12" LP No Idea 2007
Off With Their Heads Home 12" LP Epitaph 2013
Off With Their Heads / Dear Landlord Split 7" ep No Idea 2007
Off With Their Heads / Detournement Split 7" ep No Idea 2010
Oi Polloi SS Politician CD Chaos Rurale 2010
Omara Portuondo & Martin Rojas Omara Portuondo & Martin Rojas 12" LP Love 1974
One Fell Swoop Ego Bully / Forgotten 7" single Standard 1993
Onion Flavoured Rings / The Future Virgins Split 7" ep 1234 Go! 2007
Opel Bastards Funking 12" ep Bootsound 1998
Oppressed, The Oi! Singles & Rarities CD Captain Oi 2001
Osattomat Osattomat 7" ep None 1997
Otis Clay That's How It Is CD Hi 1991
Outkast Speakerboxxx / The Love Below 2CD Arista 2003
Outsiders, The Time Won't Let Me 7" single Capitol 1966
Oxymoron The Pack Is Back 12" LP Knock Out 1997
Oxymoron / Bonecrusher Noize Overdose Split 2x12" LP Knock Out 2001
Oxymoron / Dropkick Murphys Split 7" ep Knock Out 1999
Pagans Shit Street 12" LP Crypt 2001
Pagans Pink Album 12" LP Crypt 2001
Palace Brothers There is No-One What Will Take Care Of You CD Drag City 1993
Palace Brothers Days In The Wake 12" LP Drag City 1994
Papu Ja Pojat Papu ja Pojat 12" LP Cityboy 1984
Part-Time Retards S/T CD None 2010
Partisans, The The TIme Was Right 12" LP Get Back 1999
Patsy Cline Always 12" LP Pickwick 1987
Paul Baribeau Unbearable 12" LP No Idea 2010
Paul Baribeau S/T CD Plan-It-X 2008
Paul Baribeau Grand Ledge CD Plan-It-X 2009
Paul Desmond Jazz Greats CD RCA Victor 1998
Paul Mauriat L'avventura 12" LP Philips 1972
Paul Mauriat Blooming Hits 12" LP Philips 1968
Pavement Stereo 7" single Domino 1997
Peach Kelli Pop Peach Kelli Pop 12" LP Burger 2012
Peaches Fatherfucker CD XL 2003
Peachfuzz We Are Solid State CD Bombed Out 2012
Peacocks, The In Without Knockin' 12" LP Elmo 1996
Peacocks, The It's Time For... 12" LP Crazy Love 2004
Peacocks, The Touch And Go 12" LP PLU 2007
Pedro The Lion Control CD Jade Tree 2002
Pedro The Lion Achille's Heel CD Jade Tree 2004
Peggy Lee Collector's Series CD Capitol 1990
Peggy Lee That Old Feeling 2CD Membran 2000
Pekka Streng Puutarhassa 12" single Sähkö 2001
Pentagram Show 'em how CD Black Widow 2004
Pepe Wilberg & Paradise Aamu 7" single CBS 1973
Per Günt Bad Boys Are Here - Anthology 2CD Wea 2006
Percy Sledge The Dock Of The Bay 7" single Maybellene 2005
Percy Sledge The Best Of CD Atlantic 1969
Perkele Confront 12" LP Bandworm 2005
Pesniary Group The Enhanted One 12" LP Melodia 1983
Pete Seeger If I Had A Hammer CD Naxos Folk 2004
Pete Seeger Archive Of Folk Music 12" LP Archive Of Folk Music 1965
Pete Seeger Waist Deep In The Big Muddy 12" LP CBS 1967
Pete Seeger American Folk Anthology 3CD Not Now 2008
Pete Seeger Pete Seeger's Greatest Hits 12" LP CBS 1967
Phantom Surfers 18 Deadly Ones 12" LP Norton 1991
Phenomenauts, The Re-Entry 2x10" Silver Sprocket 2004
Phenomenauts, The Rockets And Robots CD Springman 2003
Philip Upchurch Combo You Can't Sit Down 7" single United Artists 1961
Phoenix Foundation / Red Cabaret, The Split 7" ep Boss Tuneage 2005
Phoenix Foundation, The These Days CD Newest Industry 2004
Phoenix Foundation, The The Phoenix Foundation 7" ep None 2004
Phoenix Foundation, The No Love Lost 12" LP Stonehenge 2011
Pierced Arrows Descending Shadows CD Vice 2010
Pink Slip Daddy Junkyard 7" single Sympathy For The Record Industry 1991
Pixies At The BBC CD 4AD 1998
Placebo Sleeping With Ghosts CD Virgin 2003
Placebo Placebo CD Elevator 1996
Placebo Black Market Music CD Virgin 2000
Planet Aloha Fallen By The Wayside CD-ep Silakka 2008
Polynesians, The Aloha Hawaii 12" LP Custom 1969
Pop Tarts Woman Is The Fuehrer Of The World CD Bungalow 1998
Pop Tarts Pop Tarts 7" ep Bungalow 1997
Potential Johns, The Can I Really Not Go With You 7" single Dirtnap 2010
Potential Johns, The The Potential Johns 7" ep Sandwich Man 2003
Poverty Stinks Schräng! CD Poko 1998
Powder Monkeys Lost City Blues 12" LP White Jazz 2000
Presley Bastards Lifelines 12" LP Cobra 2010
Pretty Girls Make Graves Èlan Vital CD Matador 2006
Primal Scream Xtrmntr CD Creation 2000
Prisonshake A Girl Named Yes 12" LP Rubber 1989
Prostitutes, The Belle Ringer 7" ep Hell's Tone 2009
Psyched To Die Sterile Walls 7" ep Grave Mistake 2009
Psyched To Die Scatter Brained 7" ep Dirtnap 2009
Pulp We Love Life CD Universal 2001
Puskaradio Puskaradio CD ManMadeMusic 1997
Pää Kii S/T 12" LP Airiston Punk-Levyt 2012
Pää Kii Just niin kuin Elvis 7" single Blast Of Silence 2015
Pää Kii / Death Laser Split 7" ep Blast Of Silence / Airiston Punk-Levyt 2012
Pää Kii / Lapinpolthajat Outo Hedelmä Split EP (keltainen) 7" ep Kämäset Levyt 2013
Pää Kii / Lapinpolthajat Outo Hedelmä Split EP (punainen) 7" ep Kämäset Levyt 2013
Queers, The A Day Late and A Dollar Short CD Lookout 1995
Queers, The Beyond The Valley... 12" LP Hopeless 2000
Queers, The Munki Brain 12" LP Recess 2006
Queers, The Everythings O.K. EP 7" ep Hopeless 1998
Queers, The Back To The Basement CD Asian Man 2010
Question Mark & The Mysterians Are You For Real? / I'll Be Back 7" single Norton 1966
Quiets, The La Strada CD Warner 2008
REO Speedwagon Original Album Classics CD-boxset Epic 2013
Radio Birdman Zeno Beach 12" LP Stickman 2006
Radon Metric Buttloads of Rock! 12" LP No Idea 2006
Rakkaus Jokainen päivä on taistelua 12" LP Clovek 2009
Ralph Burns Life is a Cabaret (OST) 12" LP Probe 1972
Ramones Sheena Is A Punk Rocker / Baby I Love You 7" single Old Gold 1989
Randy Welfare Problems CD Burning Heart 2003
Randy Rest Is Silence CD Burning Heart 2000
Rartional Anthem Whatevermind 12" LP Kiss Of Death 2013
Rations For Victory CD 86'd 2010
Ratsia Ratsia 12" LP Johanna 1978
Ratsia Lontoon Skidit 7" single Combat Rock 1978
Ratsia Tämä hetki ja tulevaisuus 7" single Combat Rock 1980
Ratsia Täältä Tulee Yö 7" single Combat Rock 2009
Raydios, The Brand New Kid EP 7" ep Slovenly 2015
Raymond Scott Soothing Sounds For Baby CD Basta 1963
Real Kids, The The Real Kids 12" LP Norton 1991
Real Turds Leibstadarte Traci Lords 12" LP Red Lounge 2005
Reatards Grown Up, Fucked Up 12" LP Empty 1999
Red Aunts #1 Chicken CD Epitaph 1995
Red Aunts Saltbox CD Epitaph 1996
Red Aunts Bad Motherfucker 40 o-z CD Sympathy For The Record Industry 1994
Redd Kross Born Innocent CD Frontier 1991
Regulations Regulations CD Ny Våg 2007
Regulations To Be Me 12" LP Ny Våg 2009
Regulations Electric Guitar CD Ny Våg 2003
Regulations Different Needs 7" ep Havoc 2007
Rejected Fool For A Day - King For A Lifetime CD Hell's Tone 2006
Rejected In The Heat Of The Night CD-ep Kidney 2001
Rejected / Stranded Split 7" ep Kanava Kaupungin Levyt 2008
Rejected / Worth The Pain Split 7" ep Psychedelica 2003
Renegades, The White, Brown And Black / Unchain My Heart 7" single Scandia 1965
Resonars, The Nonetheless Blue CD Get Hip 2007
Resonars, The Lunar Kit 12" LP Get Hip 2002
Resonars, The Nonetheless Blue 12" LP Get Hip 2007
Resonars, The That Evil Drone CD Burger 2009
Resonars, The That Evil Drone 12" LP Burger 2009
Resonars, The Crummy Desert Sound 12" LP Burger 2013
Reverend Horton Heat, The The Full-Custom Gospel Sounds Of CD Sub Pop 1993
Reverend Horton Heat, The Revival 12" LP Yep Roc 2004
Reverend Horton Heat, The Martini Time CD Interscope 1996
Reverend Horton Heat, The Laughing And Crying 12" LP Yep Roc 2010
Reverend Horton Heat, The Liquor In The Front Poker In The Back CD Sub Pop 1994
Reverend Horton Heat, The Spend A Night In The Box CD Time Bomb 2000
Reverend Horton Heat, The Space Heater CD Interscope 1998
Reverend Horton Heat, The Lucky 7 CD Sheridan Square 2002
Reverend Horton Heat, The Smoke 'em if You Got 'em 12" LP Sub Pop 1990
Reverend Horton Heat, The REV CD Victory 2014
Reverend Horton Heat, The We Three Kings - Christmas Favorites CD Yep Roc 2005
Rick Nelson It's Up To You 7" single California 1962
Rick Springfield The Best Of CD BMG 2003
Rick Springfield I Get Excited / Kristina 7" single RCA 1982
Rick Springfield Don't Talk To Strangers / Tonight 7" single RCA 1982
Rick Springfield Souls 7" single RCA 1983
Riko Goto Trio Unbalance CD Karkia Mistika/Neko 2013
Rikoslaki Mustavalkoista sotaa CD-ep Woimasointu 2011
Riverboat Gamblers, The Something To Crow About 12" LP Gearhead 2003
Riverboat Gamblers, The Can't Stop The Whoa 7" single H 2006
Riverboat Gamblers, The The Wolf You Feed CD Volcom 2012
Riverboat Gamblers, The Backsides CD Vile Beat 2004
Riverdales Phase 3 12" LP Asian Man 2003
Riverdales Invasion USA CD Asian Man 2009
Riverdales Tarantula 12" LP Recess 2010
Robbie Williams Swing When You're Winning CD Chrysalis 2001
Robert Johnsson Steady Rollin' Man 2CD Snapper 1999
Robert Parker Barefootin' 7" single Charly R&B 1980
Rocket From The Crypt Break It Up 7" single Interscope 1998
Rodgers & Hammerstein South Pacific 12" LP Regal 1965
Roger Whittaker Durham Town / Storm 7" single Philips 1972
Roky Erickson & The Aliens The Evil One 2x12" LP Sympathy For The Record Industry 2005
Rolling Stones Between The Buttons 12" LP Decca 1967
Rolling Stones The Last Time / Play With Fire 7" ep Decca 1965
Rollstons, The Exploring The Fingerboard 7" ep Rhythm Barrel 2002
Rollstons, The Doing Time CD None 2001
Romutus S/T 7" ep None 2014
Ronskibiitti Unihalvaus 7" single Huge Bass 2010
Ronskibiitti Las Italo 12" LP Huge Bass 2015
Ronskibiitti / Umpio Split 7" ep Neko 2011
Round Nine Ep 7" ep Mutant Pop 1995
Rush Rush (Remastered) CD Anthem 1974
Rush 2112 (Remastered) CD Anthem 1976
Rush Farewell To Kings (Remastered) CD Anthem 1977
Räjäyttäjät A Wop Bop A Loo Pop A Lop Bam RÄJÄ 12" LP None 2012
S.C. Volunteers S.C. Volunteers 7" ep TKO 2000
SA Int Tulevat Lauhat Sateet CD Burning Bridges 2010
SA Int Tulevat Lauhat Sateet 7" ep Burning Bridges 2010
Saarnaus Kansallisvaltion Jälkeläiset CS Räävi 2011
Sam Makia and His Waikikians Hawaiian Holiday 12" LP Mercury 1957
Sam The Sham Lil 'Red Riding Hood / Love Me Like Before 7" single MGM 1963
Sammuneet Katulyhdyt Asemalle Jääneet CS None 2015
Satelliters, The The Satelliters 7" ep Dionysus 2005
Screeching Weasel BoogadaBoogadaBoogada 12" LP Monona 2008
Screeching Weasel Television City Dream CD Fat Wreck Chords 1998
Screeching Weasel Major Label Debut ep CD-ep Panic Button 1997
Screeching Weasel First World Manifesto 12" LP Fat Wreck Chords 2011
Sedatives Human Beings 7" single Taken By Surprise 2009
Sedatives Sedatives 12" LP P. Trash 2009
Sedatives Teenage Runaway 7" single Red Lounge 2009
Seekrets, The The Seekrets 7" ep Temmi 2010
Seppo Närhi Kuulut Taivaalle Vain 7" single Hi-Hat 1979
Servotron Entertainment Program For Humans (Second Variety) 12" LP One Louder 1997
Shadows, The Apache / Quatermasters Stories 7" single Maybellene 2005
Shadows, The Don't Make My Baby Blue / My Grandmother's Clock 7" single Columbia 1965
Sham 69 Tell Us The Truth CD Sanctuary 1978
Shanghai River Binary Code Will Enslave All Of Humankind 12" LP Attention Deficit Disorder 2010
Shanghais, The Sick of You 7" ep Surfin' Ki 2014
Shangri-Las, The Leader Of The Pack CD Charly 1992
Shanks / The Swingin' Neckbreakers, The Split 7" single Norton 2005
Shellac 1000 Hurts CD Touch & Go 2000
Shellshag Rumours In Disguise 12" LP Don Giovanni 2010
Shelter Dogs Terrible Stories 7" ep None 2008
Shook Ones Facetious Folly Feat CD Revelation 2006
Shook Ones Sixteen CD Endwell 2005
Shorebirds The Movie's Almost Over 7" ep No Idea 2007
Shores Little One 7" single No Idea 2011
Silkworm Lifestyle 12" LP Touch & Go 2000
Silkworm Firewater 2x12" LP Matador 1996
Silkworm Italian Platinum 12" LP Touch & Go 2002
Silkworm Marco Collins Sessions CD-ep Matador 1995
Silkworm It'll Be Cool CD 12XU 2004
Silkworm Blueblood CD Touch & Go 1998
Silkworm Even a Blind Chicken Finds a Kernel of Corn Now and Then 2CD Matador 1998
Simon & Garfunkel Souds Of Silence CD Columbia 2001
Sisters of Mercy Some Gorls Wonder By Mistake CD Warner 1992
Sisters of Mercy Floodland CD Rhino 1987
Slade Take Me Back 'Ome / Wonderin' Y 7" single Polydor 1972
Slideshaker In The Raw 12" LP Bad Afro 2005
Small Arms Dealer Patron Saint of Disappointment CD Deep Elm 2007
Small Brown Bike Nail Yourself To The Ground EP CD-ep No Idea 2003
Smokebender Beutiful Mind CD-single None 2013
Smudge Manilow CD Domino 1993
Smugglers, The Talkin' Bout You / Chimo! 7" single Pin Up 1995
Smut Peddlers Ten Inch 10" Dead Beat 2003
Social Circkle Static Eyes e.p. 7" ep No Way 2007
Social Circkle I've Got Afflictions e.p. 7" ep No Way 2007
Social Circkle Expiration Date E.P. 7" ep Side Two 2011
Sokea Piste Ajatus karkaa 12" LP Kämäset Levyt 2011
Solarized Driven CD Meteor City 2001
Sonic Youth Daydream Nation 12" LP Anton 1991
Sotatila Vituiks meni 7" ep Havoc 2010
Sounds, The The Sounds CD Warner 2008
Soundtrack Of Our Lives Welcome ToThe Infant Freebase CD Telegram 1996
Soundtrack Of Our Lives Extended Revelation CD Telegram 1998
Soundtrack Of Our Lives Origin Vol.1 CD Warner 2004
Soundtrack Of Our Lives Behind The Music CD Warner 2001
Soundtrack Of Our Lives Communion 2CD Akashic 2009
Soundtrack Of Our Lives Throw It To The Universe CD Universal 2012
Space Spiders CD Mega 1996
Spawn From Deceit New Thrones 7" ep None 2015
Speedball Jr For The Broad Minded CD Green Cookie 2006
Speedwheels Blood, Sweat & No Tears 7" ep Brown 1999
Spider Babies Adventures In Sex And Violence 12" LP Screaming Apple 1997
Spider Babies Drivin' Me Mad 7" single Mad Driver 1997
Spider Fever S/T 12" LP Windian 2012
Spits, The Pain 7" ep Slovenly 2009
Spits, The III 12" LP Slovenly 2003
Spits, The 19 Million A.C. 12" LP Slovenly 2009
Spits, The II 12" LP Slovenly 2002
Spits, The I 12" LP Slovenly 2000
Spits, The IV 12" LP Thriftstore 2010
Spits, The 2006 European Tour 12" LP P. Trash 2006
Splits, The Ghosts / Crazy For You 7" single Airiston Punk-Levyt 2011
Spoiled Betty Small Voice CD-ep Grooming 2008
Spokane I Try, I Tried / Leaping Hare 7" single Kääntö 2002
Square Knot Bazaar CS None 1997
Staggers, The Teenage Trash Insanity CD Wohnzimmer 2006
Stargazers, The Groove Groove Baby EP 7" ep Epic 1981
Stargazers, The Hey Marie 7" single Epic 1982
Starvation Arm Against The Forces 6'' ep No Idea 2012
Static Eyes Trouble / Waves 7" single Windian 2012
Status Quo Dog of Two Head CD Castle 1990
Status Quo The Technicolor Dreams of - The Complete 60's Recordings 2CD Sanctuary 2001
Stereo 8000 S/T CD Bone Voyage 2014
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Dick Dale Pipeline 7" single CBS 1987
Stiff Little Fingers Nobody's Heroes CD Retro 1989
Stilettos, The Making History By Repeating It 12" LP Sound Of Subterrania 2004
Stooges, The Funhouse CD Elektra 1970
Strait A's / Pretty Boy Thorston, The Split 7" ep Kiss Of Death 2009
Stranglers, The La Folie 12" LP EMI 1981
Stranglers, The No More Heroes 12" LP EMI 1977
Stranglers, The IV: Rattus Norvegicus 12" LP EMI 1977
Stranglers, The Golden Brown / Love30 7" single Liberty 1981
Strawman Shoot Me Up CD-ep Allied 1994
Strawman S/T CD Allied 1992
Strings Unlimited Strings For Lovers - Music For Dreaming And Romance 12" LP Oscar 1962
Strollers, The Captain Of My Ship CD Low Impact 2000
Strung Up / Direct Control Split LP 12" LP No Way 2006
Suamenleijjona S/T CD None 2012
Subhumans Rats CD Bluurg 1984
Subhumans Worlds Apart 12" LP Bluurg 1985
Subhumans 29:29 Split Vision 12" LP Bluurg 1985
Subhumans The Day That Coutry Died 12" LP Bluurg 1982
Subhumans From The Cradle To The Grave 12" LP Bluurg 1983
Subhumans (Can) Death Was Too Kind CD Alternative Tentacles 2008
Subhumans (Can) S/T 12" LP QEP 1980
Sugar Tilted / JC Auto 7" single Creation 1993
Sultan Bathery Right On 7" single Slovenly 2015
Superchunk Hello Hawk / Sexy Ankles 7" single Matador 1999
Superchunk The First Part / Connecticut 7" single City Slang 1994
Superchunk The Question is How Fast 7" single Merge 1992
Sur-Rur Ajatussilppurin arvoitus EP CD-ep Repe 2005
Surina Cells CD Kaakao 2015
Sven Tuba Och Fiskmåssarna Packad Och Galen 7" ep Loud & Wrong 2002
Sven Tuba Och Fiskmåssarna Om Det Finns Ett Helvete 7" ep Loud & Wrong 2001
Svordom Förstörd Värld CS Kierrepotku 2016
Sweatmaster TomTom Bullet 12" LP Bad Afro 2004
Sweatmaster Well Connected / Lose A Day 7" single Bad Afro 2003
Sweatmaster Firemen Of Love 7" ep Brown 1999
Sweatmaster Hold It 7" single Bad Afro 2001
Sweatmaster / Baby Woodrose Split 7" single Bad Afro 2002
Swetshop Boys The Great Depression 12" LP Drunken Sailor 2014
Swinging Blue Jeans, The Hippy Hippy Shake 7" single HMV 1963
Symptons, The The Symptons CD-ep None 2006
Särkyneet Särkyneet 7" single Combat Rock 2010
T. Tex Edwards & The Swingin' Cornflake Killers Jekyll & Hyde 7" single Honey 1997
T.H.U.G. S/T CD Randale 2010
T.H.U.G. Vol:II 12" LP Randale 2016
TV Smith & Punk Lurex O.K. The Future Used To Be Better CD-ep Hiljaiset Levyt 1999
TV-Resistori Intiaanidisko CD Fonal 2004
TV-Resistori Serkut Rakastaa Paremmin 12" LP Fonal 2006
TV-Resistori Petit Pianista 7" ep Fonal 2001
TV-Resistori Melodi Melodika 7" single Fonal 2003
TV-Resistori / Islaja Kämmen, Kynsi, Kieli / Melodi Melodika 7" single Fonal 2006
Taipuva Luotisuora IV CD Nordic Notes 2009
Taipuva Luotisuora II CD Kaakao 2006
Taipuva Luotisuora 8 12" LP Kaakao 2013
Taipuva Luotisuora 8 CD Kaakao 2013
Tapio Rautavaara Joukse sinä humma - Levytyksiä 1950-1967 CD Warner 2000
Tauno Palo Kulkurin Kannel 12" LP Love 1972
Tauno Palo Tunteiden Palo - 40 Rakastetuinta 2CD EMI 2002
Taxi Yu Tolk Tu Mach 12" LP Dead Beat 2006
Teen Machine / Fuzzbubble Battle of The Bands Split Single 7" single Screaming Apple 2001
Teenage Bottlerocket Warning Device 12" LP Red Scare 2008
Teenage Bottlerocket They Came From The Shadows 12" LP Fat Wreck Chords 2009
Teenage Bottlerocket Mutilate Me 7" single Fat Wreck Chords 2011
Templars Outremer CD SMM 2005
Templars Milites Templi EP 7" single TKO 2000
Templars Clockwork Orange Horroshow CD Templecombe 1995
Templars Return Of Jacques De Molay 12" LP Templecombe 1994
Templars Beauseant 7" ep Dim 2000
Templars Phase II CD Dim 1997
Templars Omne Datum Optimum CD Templecombe 1999
Temporal Sluts Broken Inside 7" single Demolition Derby 1996
Temporal Sluts / The Humpers A Touching Date - Split 10" Hate 1995
Ten Buck Fuck, The Rockcoach 12" LP Radio Blast 2000
Teni Svobody Bring it Down CD-ep None 2012
Thee Headcoatees My Boyfriend's Learning Karate / Mess Of Pottage 7" single Vinyl Japan 1992
Thee Headcoats W.O.A.H! - Bo In Thee Garage CD Get Hip 1993
Thee Mighty Caesars Surely They Were Sons Of God vol.2 12" LP Crypt 1990
Thee Mighty Caesars John Lennon's Corpse Revisited 12" LP Crypt 1989
Thermals, The Fuckin' A 12" LP Sub Pop 2004
Thermals, The More Parts Per MIllion 12" LP Sub Pop 2003
Thermals, The Now We Can See 7" ep Kill Rock Stars 2009
They Stole a Million Secondhand Happiness CD-ep None 2005
They Stole a Million The City That Day CD Rhythm Barrel 2005
Tiltwheel Hair Brained Scheme Addicts 12" LP Attention Deficit Disorder 1999
Tiltwheel Battle Hymns For Recluse Youth 12" LP Razorcake 1996
Tiltwheel Battle Hymns For Recluse Youth CD Razorcake 1996
Tiltwheel The High Hate Us 12" LP Attention Deficit Disorder 2010
Tiltwheel Teach Your Children Hell 7" single Drunken Sailor 2010
Tim Version, The Decline Of The Southern Gentlemen 12" LP No Idea 2008
Time Flys Energy 7" single Birdman 2004
Time Square Preachers Don't Be Numb!!! 7" ep Your Own Jailer 1994
Title Fight Shed CD Side One Dummy 2011
Title Fight Floral Green CD Side One Dummy 2012
Too Many Daves Weekend at Dave's CD Attention Deficit Disorder 2010
Topi Sorsakoski & Agents Besame Mucho CD Parlophone 1987
Torero Band, The Tijuana Sound 12" LP Regal 1968
Tornados, The Remenmbering... 12" LP Decca 1964
Totalitär Vi Är Eliten 7" ep Feral Ward 2006
Totuus / Hiastus Split 7" ep Rönky 1996
Townes Van Zandt Townes Van Zandt 12" LP Decal 1988
Townes Van Zandt Singer Songwriter Collection CD MCPS 2007
Trapdoor Fucking Exit Devil's Egg EP CD-ep No Idea 2003
Trashmen, The Surfin' Bird / King Of The Surf 7" single Stateside 1964
Trashwomen, The Lust 7" ep Hillsdale 1992
Treblinka Muistatko..? CD 100Nisti 2009
True North We Speak In Code 12" LP No Idea 2000
True North Somewhat Similar CD No Idea 2004
Truents, The Every Day Of The Week CD TKO 1998
Tuhkaus S/T 7" ep Roku/Psychedelica 2011
Turbonegro Retox 12" LP Bitz Core 2007
Turbonegro Small Feces Volume 2 12" LP Bitz Core 2005
Turbonegro Party Animals 12" LP Burning Heart 2005
Turbonegro Small Feces Volume 1 12" LP Bitz Core 2005
Turbonegro Locked Down 7" single Burning Heart 2003
Turbonegro Scandinavian Leather 12" LP Burning Heart 2005
Turbonegro Apocalypse Dudes CD Scandinavian Leather 1998
Turun Tauti 130388 7" ep Hätäapu 1992
Tuxedomoon Cabin In The Sky CD Crammed 2004
Tymes Find My Way 7" single Columbia 1967
U. F. Ojala Olento / Havaintoja 7" single Joteski Groteskii 2015
U.S. Bombs Garibaldi Guard! 12" LP Alive 1996
U.S. Bombs We Are The Problem 12" LP PLU 2006
U.S. Bombs Back At The Laundromat CD Hellcat 2001
U.S. Bombs Covert Action CD Hellcat 2003
U.S. Bombs The World CD Hellcat 1999
UK Subs Day Of The Dead 7" single New Red Archives 1997
Umpio Karu IV CD None 2010
Undertones, The The Undertones CD Sanctuary 2000
Underworld Everything, Everything CD V2 2000
Underworld Dubnobasswithmyheadman CD V2 1998
Underworld Second Toughest In The Infants CD V2 1996
Union Carbide Productions Financially Dissatisfied Philosophically Trying CD Radium / MNW 1996
Union Carbide Productions The Golden Age Of CD Radium / MNW 1997
Union Carbide Productions In The Air Tonight 12" LP Radium 1987
Urban Unrest On A String 7" ep Ribbit's Foot 2010
Vaasankatu SS Mä Haluun Kamaa 7" single Airiston Punk-Levyt 2009
Vaasankatu SS Mummokeikka 7" ep Airiston Punk-Levyt 2010
Valse Triste Madon Luku 12" LP Kämäset Levyt 2006
Valse Triste Kompilaatio CD Six Weeks 2002
Vanilla Muffins The Drug Is Football 12" LP Knock Out 2003
Varattu Demo CS None 2016
Various Artists Yö Airistolla - Turkupunk 2007 CD Airiston Punk-Levyt 2007
Various Artists Rabid/TJM Punk Singles Collection CD Receiver 1996
Various Artists Cinema Beer Nuts - The Original Punk Rock Taste CD Hopeless 1998
Various Artists An Idiot To Not Appreciate Your Time: The Songs Of Silkworm 2CD None 2006
Various Artists In Defense Of Rock II 2CD Winged Skull / Fond Of Life 2005
Various Artists Little People.... Big Noise!! 2CD Run Devil Run! 2007
Various Artists Summer And Smiles Of Finland CD Fonal 2006
Various Artists The Collection Of American Folk Music CD EMI 2001
Various Artists Rokkikesä 12" LP Love 1977
Various Artists Blues And Brass 12" LP Deacon 1970
Various Artists This Is Soul 12" LP Deacon 1970
Various Artists Parempi Huominen? 12" LP Merwi 1995
Various Artists Beet The Meatles 7" ep G.I. 1995
Various Artists Hellää Terroria Korville 7" ep Poko 1977
Various Artists Ultra Lounge 01 - Mondo Exotica CD Capitol 1996
Various Artists Las Vegas Grind - Volume 4 12" LP Strip 1992
Various Artists Mondi Caldi Di Notte 12" LP Plastic 2000
Various Artists Las Vegas Grind - Volume 6 12" LP Strip 1993
Various Artists Hawaii - It's People And It's Places 2x12" LP Heaven 1983
Various Artists Kings Of Swing 12" LP K-Tel 1976
Various Artists The Cotton Club 12" LP Big Band Era 1985
Various Artists The Swing Collection - 20 Golden Greats 12" LP Deja Vu 1985
Various Artists Las Vegas Grind - Volume 2 : Louies Limbo Lounge 12" LP Strip 1992
Various Artists Last Orders - Free with Big Cheese #82 CD MCPS 2007
Various Artists Land Of 1000 Dances CD Ace 1999
Various Artists Ultra Lounge 04 - Bachelor Pad Royale CD Capitol 1996
Various Artists Combat Rock Sound CD Combat Rock 2005
Various Artists Ultra Lounge 13 - TV Town CD Capitol 1997
Various Artists More Tea Vicar? Vol.2 CD Rhythm Vicar 2003
Various Artists Las Vegas Grind - Volume 1 12" LP Strip 1992
Various Artists Las Vegas Grind - Volume 3 12" LP Strip 1992
Various Artists Twistin' Rumble Volume 2 12" LP Twistin' Rumble 2008
Various Artists Ultra Lounge - Best Of Christmas Cocktails CD Capitol 2007
Various Artists Ultra Lounge 05 - Wild, Cool and Swingin' CD Capitol 1996
Various Artists Toive-Iskelmiä 2 - Kitara ja meri CD Warner 1998
Various Artists Las Vegas Grind - Volume 5 12" LP Strip 1993
Various Artists Frolic Diner - Volume 1 12" LP Romulan 1990
Various Artists Frolic Diner - Volume 2 12" LP Romulan 1990
Various Artists Frolic Diner - Volume 4 12" LP Romulan 1990
Various Artists The Leopard Lounge At The Movies 2x12" LP Warner 2007
Various Artists Twistin' Rumble Volume 4 12" LP Twistin' Rumble 2008
Various Artists Twistin' Rumble Volume 3 12" LP Twistin' Rumble 2008
Various Artists Destination Paradise 12" LP Warner 2006
Various Artists The Ladiesman 12" LP Warner 2003
Various Artists Kolme Kitaraa - Rautalankaklassikot CD Warner 1998
Various Artists 60-luku Rock - Hetki Lyö CD Warner 2002
Various Artists Muutoksen Kevät CD KuuMaa 1999
Various Artists Kun Rock 'n' Roll Tuli Suomeen 1 CD Warner 1996
Various Artists Deutschland In Decline 7" ep Heart First 2005
Various Artists AAAAHHHH Rock-A-Billy 12" LP Collector 1980
Various Artists No Idea 100 - Redefiling Music CD No Idea 2001
Various Artists Muurari - Rautalankaklassikot 2 CD Warner 1998
Various Artists The Original Easy Album CD EMI 2004
Various Artists The Leopard Lounge CD Warner 2003
Various Artists Cuban Revolución Jazz 2CD BMG 1999
Various Artists Atlantic R&B Volume 2 - 1952-1954 CD Rhino 2006
Various Artists Atlantic R&B Volume 1 - 1947-1952 CD Rhino 2006
Various Artists The Very Best Of Burlesque 2CD Not Now 2010
Various Artists Voodoo Blues - The Devil Within 2CD Not Now 2010
Various Artists Greatest Underground Hits Ever CD KuuMaa 1996
Various Artists Cabaret Nocturno Vol.2 10" Zerga 1997
Various Artists Maailmalla Soi 1 12" LP Sonet 1975
Various Artists See Dee Four CD Topplers 2010
Various Artists Ballet Folklorico De Mexico 12" LP RCA 1963
Various Artists Toive-Iskelmiä 1 - Iloinen Amsterdam CD Warner 1998
Various Artists Kings Of Rock 'n' Roll 2CD Play 24/7 2008
Various Artists Propaganda Is Hippies CD Kämäset Levyt 2007
Various Artists Intoxica! - Strange and sleazy instrumental sounds... CD Ace 2006
Various Artists Boogie Twist 7" ep Gala 1963
Various Artists Jouluyö, juhlayö 7" ep Rytmi 1958
Various Artists Systeemi Ei Toimi 7" ep Ratbite 2012
Various Artists Finnhits 12" LP Finnlevy 1974
Various Artists Finnhits 8 12" LP Finnlevy 1978
Various Artists Finnhits 2 12" LP Finnlevy 1975
Various Artists Finnhits 6 12" LP Finnlevy 1976
Various Artists Suomen Hitit 12" LP Finnlevy 1976
Various Artists Miettinen - Pieni rockhistoriikki 1979-2000 12" LP+DVD Gaga Goodies 2011
Various Artists South American Teenage Garage Punk Volume 1 7" ep Butterfly 2000
Various Artists Funkungfusion - Nija Cuts 2CD Ninja Tune 1998
Various Artists We're Loud - 90s Cassette Punk Unknowns 2x12" LP Slovenly 2015
Various Artists Slovenly - Global Explorations CD Slovenly 2013
Varjo Viimeinen näytös CD Stupido 2010
Vaurio Sortoa ja Vainoa EP 7" ep Feral Ward 2008
Vaya Con Dios The Best Of CD Ariola 1996
Ventures, The 24 Greatest Surfin Guitars 12" LP Dino 1989
Ventures, The Ginchy / Lullaby of the leaves 7" single Liberty 1967
Ventures, The Swamp Rock 12" LP Liberty 1969
Ventures, The Hawaii Five-O 12" LP Liberty 1969
Veriroiske Demo CS Roisto 2011
Vernon & The G.I.'s Bobbin' 7" single Charlton Athletic 2006
Versus All Black Vs. White 2CD Solid Sound 2010
Versus All Dark Ages CD Solid Sound 2011
Versus All A Portrait Of Discontent CD Solid Sound 2013
Verticals, The The Verticals 12" LP Hell's Tone 2005
Verticals, The Buck Rogers 7" single Static 2008
Verticals, The 8 Track 10" Hell's Tone 2008
Verticals, The Maharaja / C64 7" single Gas 1999
Vesa-Matti Loiri Laulu on iloni ja työni CS Finnlevy 1973
Vibrators, The Pure Mania 7" single Epic 1978
Vicious, The Igen 7" ep Hjernespind 2007
Victims Killer 12" LP Combat Rock 2008
Virgins Miscarriage 12" LP Kiss Of Death 2008
Vivisektio 1984 12" LP Roku 2011
Väinö Grön Kesän tullessa tämäkin unohtuu CD None 2015
Wanda Jackson Let's Have A Party / Long Tall Sally 7" single Maybellene 2005
Wanda Jackson Rock 'n' Roll Forever CD Rock'n'Roll Forever 2005
Wanda Jackson Rock 'n' Roll Forever (Compilation) CD Rock'n'Roll Forever 1999
Wannadies, The Bagsy Me CS Indolent 1996
War Party To Love And Fear It CS Dreamy Life 2016
War Party Tomorrow's a Drag CS Lo-Life 2013
Wasted Can't Wash Off The Stains 10" Combat Rock 2002
Wasted Heroes Amongst Thieves 12" LP Combat Rock 2004
Wasted On The Brink 7" ep Brown 1999
Wasted Down And Out CD Combat Rock 2001
Wasted Modern World Is Dead 7" ep Combat Rock 2010
Wasted Hearoes Amongst Thieves CD Combat Rock 2004
Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! It's Great w/ Carrera Espacial 7" single Slovenly 2009
Wax Museums, The The Wax Museums 12" LP Douchemaster 2009
Weird Lovemakers, The Electric Chump CD Gouramie 1996
Weird War Weird War CD Drag City 2002
Weird War If You Can't Beat 'em, Bite 'em CD Drag City 2004
Western Addiction Gognicide 12" LP Fat Wreck Chords 2005
White Wires II 12" LP Dirtnap 2010
White Wires / Mean Jeans Split 7" ep Dirtnap 2011
Wilco A.M. CD Sire 1995
Wild Billy Childish & The Buff Medways XFM Sessions 12" LP Damaged Goods 2007
Wild Wax Combo Jungle Fever CD Enviken 2006
Wilson Pickett The Midnight Mover 12" LP Atlantic 1968
Wipers Over The Edge 12" LP Brain Eater 1983
Witches With Dicks Manual CD Kiss Of Death 2007
Wojciech Halipuut / Älä Itke Meteoriparvi 7" single Kääntö 2006
Wolfbrigade Progression/Regression CD Havoc 2001
Wolfbrigade / Audio Kollaps Split 7" ep Epistrophy 2000
Woody Guthrie Archive Of Folk Music 12" LP Archive Of Folk Music 1967
Woody Guthrie Troubadour 3CD Not Now 2008
Worriers Past Lives 7" ep No Idea 2011
Worriers Imaginary Life CD Don Giovanni 2015
Wreckless Eric Greatest Stiffs CD Metro 2001
X Los Angeles CD Rhino 1980
Xysma Lotto CD Spinefarm 1996
Xysma Witch / Love Vain 7" single Osku 1999
Ydinperhe S/T 12" LP Paha Tukka Elämä 2011
Ydinperhe Meistä ei tullut mitään 7" ep Hakaniemi Hardcore 2012
Yesmeansyes 88 Song ep 7" ep Merwi 1993
Yesmeansyes / Pekka Ruoska Ja Partapunikit Split 7" ep Merwi 1993
Yesmeansyes / World Split 7" ep NAT 1996
Yesmeansyes / Ödeema Split 7" ep Merwi 1994
Yhteiskunnan Ystävät? Porojen Maa 7" ep Roku 2008
Yleislakko Yleislakko CD None 2009
Yleislakko Kuka pelkää politiikkaa? 12" LP Räkälevyt 2010
Yleislakko Kuka pelkää politiikkaa? CD Karma Mira 2010
Yleislakko Vapauden Rautaiset Raamit 12" LP Räkälevyt 2011
Yleislakko Maailmanpolitiikan arkipäivää CD Blast Of Silence 2012
Yleislakko Maailmanpolitiikan arkipäivää 12" LP Blast Of Silence 2012
Young Widows Old Wounds 12" LP Temporary Residence 2008
Young Widows Settle Down City CD Jade Tree 2006
ZZ Top La Futura CD American 2012
Zaipiain Jibberjabber CD Bombed Out 2010
Zeke Kicked In The Teeth CD Epitaph 1998
Zero Boys Vicious Circle 12" LP Secrectly Canadian 1982
Zombie Ghost Train Monster Formal Wear 12" ep Crazy Love 2004
Zombies, The Time Of The Season CD MCPS 2007
Älgkvot Radikal jävla handcore CS None 2015

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