Sometimes a redo should work.

It’s been a while since i used this domain for something useful. Most of my old writings were completely obsolete. All that is gone for good. I still dig the simple, minimal layout of this page, so complete overhaul of the content should suffice. Instead of talking/whining about this f*d up world in general, i thought i should use this site for something that i, well.. love.

Couple years ago i started building pedals by accident. Since then i’ve become somewhat a freak when it comes to guitar effects. I’ve studied a lot designs and made even some of my own ( I do not know everything about electronics, nor do i think i ever will. However, i do know theory to some extent and i have this gut feeling which tells me what value component will do what in where and why.

Anyway. The point of this overhaul is quite simple. My collection of new(ish) and vintage pedals seems to be ever growing. So why not write about some of them. My goal is to write about a pedal once a week. We’ll see if can keep that up… That’s enough of this crap.

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