Tag: Pitch

  • Danelectro DSD-1 Shift Daddy

    What is it? Danelectro DSD-1 Shift Daddy Echo Pitch Shifter from original series of rocker pedals. Made in china around late 90’s. I must admit that i was interested. And local music store happened to have one left behind. The unit had seen better days as it had sat in direct sunlight for years. Still […]

  • Digitech WH-II Whammy II

    What is it? Digitech Whammy II, made in canada. Possibly sometime in the 90’s. It’s rather rare occasion that someone gets a chance of buying a rare western made unit for a low price. For me, the day this one came for sale was one of those rare occasions. I paid good amount of money […]

  • EHX Holy Stain

    What is it? Electro Harmonix Holy Stain from XO series.Made in united states in 2010(ish). Once again. Put a pedal, any pedal, for sale with a broken switch and a price tag around 20% of a new unit. You bet i’ll be there, bombing your email and throwing the little money i have against the […]

  • Boss PS-5 Super Shifter

    Let’s do a month with Boss pedals only. Why? Because i can. Starting the Boss august with PS-5 Super Shifter… What is it? Boss PS-5 Super Shifter from Compact series. Made in taiwan in april 2008. To begin with. As usual, i ran the serial number through the Bossarea.com serial number decoder. This is something […]