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  • Ibanez GEL Graphic EQ

    What is it? Ibanez GEL Graphic EQ. Made in Japan, 1985. Graphical equalizer from Ibanez Master series. Mine’s missing two of the slide pot knobs, but otherwise in decent condition. What comes to similar EQs, there is basically two ways to get the job done. First is the oldschool method of using inductors to create […]

  • EHX Graphic Fuzz XO

    What is it? Electro-Harmonix Graphic Fuzz with variable envelope response, from XO-series. Made in NYC in the late 00’s. Most likely in 2009. A friend was letting this one go and i just simply couldn’t help myself. Pricing for an used Graphic Fuzz isn’t too cheap, but then again – it definitely isn’t one of […]

  • Ibanez PPE-1 DCP Parametric EQ

    What is it? Ibanez PPE1 Parametric EQ from DCP series. Made in japan around1989. There may be a reason for this series being scarce for those who want them. These may not be as relevant for today’s guitarists as they were back in the 1987, when the line was released. At that time, the digital […]

  • Danelectro DJ-14 Fish & Chips 7-Band EQ

    What is it? Danelectro DJ-14 Fish & Chips 7-band graphic EQ from Mini-series. Made in china around mid 00’s. The first thing that comes to mind is the Boss GE-7. Could this be one of those simple redesigns that feel and work like the design that it mimics? Sure does feel and work like it. […]

  • Boss GE-7 Graphic Equalizer

    What is it? Boss GE-7 Equalizer, made in taiwan in may 2002. Otherwise in fair condition, but missing a few slider knobs (which seem to very hard to source as spares). Schematic is online, courtesy of Hobby-Hour.com. There are three DIP-8 and two SIP-9 opamps plus a transistor based output buffer that make up the […]

  • Ibanez No.95 Renometer

    Just because i happen to feel like it, here’s another post for today.. What is it? Ibanez Renometer Model No. 95 EQ/Booster from mid seventies. Got this unit in a trade some time ago. In very good condition i might add. Plugged it in and had no response. Gladly, the only broken thing was one […]