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  • Ibanez FLL Flanger

    What is it? Ibanez FLL Flanger from L-, or Master series. Made in Japan, 1985. Now, there is a reason why i’m posting this one right now. I just wrote a post about the SF10, Swell Flanger. Due to that article, there is very little to say about FLL. It’s is the same effect with […]

  • Ibanez SF10 Swell Flanger

    What is it? Ibanez SF10 Swell Flanger from Ibanez 10-, or Power series. Made in Japan, 1987. Swell. I have no idea where the name comes from. But does it matter? Probably not. Solid 10-series pedal with nothing off from the rest of the bunch. The series is rather large with “only” 36 titles in […]

  • Ibanez FL-301 Flanger

    What is it? Ibanez FL-301 Flanger from “0-Series”. Made in japan in 1980. I used to own the DX version back in the day. Difference between this, the first 0-series flanger and the second DX version is the operational voltage. This puppy demands 18 Volts, while the De Luxe version promises the same tones with […]

  • Marshall RG-1 Regenerator

    What is it? Marshall RG-1 Regenerator multi-modulation effect. Made in china, possibly around early 00’s Digital chorus/phase/flange multieffect in the small metal series? Apparently yes. And once we open it up, there’s very little doubt of what the design is all about. Yup. It’s exactly the same board as seen in Echohead and Reflector. All […]

  • Digitech XTF Turbo Flanger

    What is it? Digitech XTF Turbo Flanger from X-series. Made in china around late 00’s. Saw this going for a decent price and just couldn’t let it go. Played around with it for a while and i was ready to call it before opening the bottom. Not an exception to the rule, but simply yet […]

  • Rolls RFX970 Vibraflange

    What is it? Rolls RFX970 Vibraflange. Made in USA, 1993. For some reason i wasn’t aware the amount of stuff in the back catalog of this company called Rolls. The reasonably priced headphone amplifiers and patch bays i did know. But then again, the main reason might also be that the bigger part of  Rolls […]

  • Boss BF-2 Flanger

    What is it? Boss BF-2 Flanger. Made in taiwan. No serial number and no enclosure date stamps. Even the electrolytic capacitors have no date codes. So it’s nearly impossible to determine the date accurately. My best guess would be 1993, since dual opamp codes point to that direction. The japanese units apparently have all black […]

  • Carlsbro Minifex Flanger

    What is it? Carlsbro Minifex Flanger. Made for Carlsbro by Cliff Electronic Components. I’m still not certain about the location where these came from, but the series of 6 pedals was released in 1982 and i suspect the  manufacturing span wasn’t more than a year or two, tops. Carlsbro effects have been around for a […]

  • Boss HF-2 Hi-Band Flanger

    What is it? Boss HF-2 HiBand Flanger from compact series. Made in japan, august 1988. Japan made HF-2 is probably the most praised flanger, not only in Boss catalog, but otherwise too. While the “standard” Boss flanger may be and have been the BF-2 for decades, the HF-2 operates in slightly different manner. While most […]

  • Nux MF6 Digital Multi FX

    What is it? Nux MF6 Digital Multi FX from the Nux First Series. Made in china in 00’s. Whole Nux pedal line has been quite interesting line. Some of the designs are straight rip offs, but while the underlying design may be just that, the rest is well engineered and somewhat original. The “First Series”, […]