Tag: Modulation

  • Marshall RG-1 Regenerator

    What is it? Marshall RG-1 Regenerator multi-modulation effect. Made in china, possibly around early 00’s Digital chorus/phase/flange multieffect in the small metal series? Apparently yes. And once we open it up, there’s very little doubt of what the design is all about. Yup. It’s exactly the same board as seen in Echohead and Reflector. All […]

  • Rolls RFX970 Vibraflange

    What is it? Rolls RFX970 Vibraflange. Made in USA, 1993. For some reason i wasn’t aware the amount of stuff in the back catalog of this company called Rolls. The reasonably priced headphone amplifiers and patch bays i did know. But then again, the main reason might also be that the bigger part of  Rolls […]

  • Ibanez PM7 Phase Modulator

    What is it? Ibanez PM7 Phase Modulator from 7/Tonelok series. Made in china, 2005 As the truly modern guitar effects go, there are usually those that designers have spent hours to design an effect that sounds great on guitar. Better than the previous takes on this same subject. Then there are these designs that try […]

  • Pearl F-605 Electro Echo Analog Delay

    What is it? Pearl Model F-605 Electro Echo Analog Delay, made in japan around 1977-79. Saw this unit for sale and couldn’t help myself. Even if it meant that i was to eat dry bread for the rest of the month. Price wasn’t too bad, and i wouldn’t sell this for the price i got […]