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  • DOD 525 Compressor Limiter

    What is it? DOD 525 Compressor Limiter from the Performer series. Made in USA in early 80’s. My first contact with any performer series boxes was with 525A Compressor and a few other i serviced a while back. At the same time someone was selling this unit for a very decent price. And since i’m […]

  • DOD 280 Compressor

    What is it? DOD 280 Compressor. Made in USA, 1979. Late 70’s DOD classic. This particulat unit had mean pumping sound that made it pretty much unusable. So the previous owner had it modded by me. Instead of doing something permanent and killing the heart of the tone with extensive modding, i simply solved the […]

  • Monarch MCO-22 Compressor

    What is it? Monarch MCO-22 Compressor. Made in japan around mid to late 80’s. Got this one in a trade. Could have bought it straight off, since the price was right. There is always something interesting in these 80’s japanese cheapos. Mainly because most of them are really good sounding and usable circuits, despite their […]

  • Yamaha CO-10MII Compressor

    What is it? Yamaha CO-10MII. Made in japan, 1984. Date is determined from capacitor date codes. Continuing with another fine specimen from Yamaha’s 10MII series. This unit is one of those i’ve sourced from a local guitar building wizard, Mr. Lindén. I know i’m a sucker for this enclosure type, so every time one shows […]

  • Ibanez BP5 Bass Compressor

    What is it? Ibanez BP5 Bass Comp compressor from the Soundtank series. Made in taiwan around mid 90’s. Who would have thought that BP5 was the hardest unit to find in all the plastic Soundtanks? Well it was. The complete series did come by more easily than i expected, but there were still a couple […]

  • Ibanez TC999 Tube King Compressor

    What is it? Ibanez TC999 Tube King Compressor made in Japan in the 90’s. It’s been quite long since i got this unit and took the photos (so sorry about the quality). Got this as semi-functioning unit in a trade. Problem was with the enormous amounts of hiss and interfecence when pedal was engaded. Dirk […]

  • DOD FX80B Compressor Sustainer

    What is it? DOD FX80-B Compressor Sustainer from XF-series. Made in USA in 1988. This pedal had been on my want list for quite some time. The biggest reason for simply not buying it was that these units sell for ridiculous prices here where i live. The one man (wikipedia link in finnish), who is […]

  • Danelectro DJ9 Surf & Turf Compressor

    What is it? Danelectro DJ-9 Surf & Turf compressor from Mini series. Finally. One of these that make the original look bad. Like i”ve pointed out on numerous occasions, to refine or rediesign existing design, the result should always be better than the original. Not much poin if it isn’t. Here we have your standard […]

  • Ibanez CP5 Compressor

    What is it? Ibanez CP5 Compressor from Soundtank series in plastic enclosure. Serial points to somewhere around ’95-97. Date is based on a educated guess, as always with these. First off. Ibanez compressors tend to use somewhat obscure OTA replacement in a few designs. The 9-pin  SIP-chip in question is BA6110, which is in fact […]