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  • Nux AS-4 Amp Simulator

    What is it? Nux AS-4 Amp Simulator from Nux New Analog series. Made in china in 2013. Cheapest thing there is. These units have around for some time now, and this unit is part of family of four. There is Overdrive, Chorus, High gain distortion and this one – The Amp Simulator. The price tags […]

  • Ibanez No.95 Renometer

    Just because i happen to feel like it, here’s another post for today.. What is it? Ibanez Renometer Model No. 95 EQ/Booster from mid seventies. Got this unit in a trade some time ago. In very good condition i might add. Plugged it in and had no response. Gladly, the only broken thing was one […]

  • Ibanez CR5 Crunchy Rhythm

    What is it? Ibanez CR5 Crunchy Rhythm from Soundtank series in metal enclosure, made in Taiwan around 1989-90. It is a design that differs from usual TS and/or Voodoo Labs overdrive topology. Boosting, bluesy overdrive with discrete differential pair to determine which parts of the signal get to Si diode hard clipping before the tone […]