Tag: Wah

  • Danelectro DW-1 Dan-o-Wah

    What is it? Danelectro DW-1 Dan O Wah. Made in china in around 1997. I sourced this one a long time ago. If i recall correctly, i got it in a trade and there was (and still is) very little traces of use. Gee. I wonder why. That being my first thought about all Dano […]

  • Danelectro DW-2 Trip L Wah

    What is it? Danelectro DW-2 Trip L Wah. Made in china between 1996 and 1999. This is one of three rocker pedals i’ve categorized as belonging to “Vintage Series”. Enclosure design. The biggest thing that separates Danelectro from the rest. Same thing goes to their guitars and amps too. I’m under the impression that the […]

  • Carlsbro AC1160 Wah Wah

    What is it? Carlsbro AC1160 Wah Wah. Made in china around mid 00’s. A wah in a standard Cry Baby sized enclosure, but instead of the basic black, the surface is cool looking chrome. By starters, i must confess that i’m not a big user of wahs. Since i taught myself to user choruses, i […]

  • Bespeco Weeper

    What is it? Bespeco Weeper Wah/Volume pedal. Made in italy, sometime in the 90’s. Nothing comes cheaper than this. Oh well. This may not be entirely correct thing to say. At one point i bought a Daphon Wah, just for its enclosure. I thought i could use that for some wah/distortion project, so i had […]

  • Danelectro DJ10 Grilled Cheese Distortion

    What is it? Danelectro DJ-10 Grilled Cheese distorion. Had no information on the design whatsoever when i got this unit. Should probably have done some reading before paying 20€ for it. As distortions go, there is one sub-genre that i find no joy in playing with. This one sinks to that genre. Fixed wah distorion. […]