Tag: Phaser

  • Big Jam (Multivox) SE-1 Phaser

    What is it? Multivox Big Jam SE-1 Phaser. Designed in Hauppauge, New York, made in Japan. Most likely made late 70’s. It was a cold and dark late winter night. Ok, it may have been closer to spring or early summer, but anyway. I was chatting with a friend who had spotted an ebay listing […]

  • Marshall RG-1 Regenerator

    What is it? Marshall RG-1 Regenerator multi-modulation effect. Made in china, possibly around early 00’s Digital chorus/phase/flange multieffect in the small metal series? Apparently yes. And once we open it up, there’s very little doubt of what the design is all about. Yup. It’s exactly the same board as seen in Echohead and Reflector. All […]

  • Ibanez PT999 Phase Tone

    What is it? Ibanez PT999 Phase Tone. Made in japan by Maxon around 1976. These units apparently are not as rare as i thought. I suspect that the number manufactured was very high as there seems to be several units available in shops and auction sites even right now. Apparently the units sold very well […]

  • Ibanez PM7 Phase Modulator

    What is it? Ibanez PM7 Phase Modulator from 7/Tonelok series. Made in china, 2005 As the truly modern guitar effects go, there are usually those that designers have spent hours to design an effect that sounds great on guitar. Better than the previous takes on this same subject. Then there are these designs that try […]

  • DOD FX22 Vibro Thang

    What is it? DOD FX22 Vibro Thang from FX series. No serial number (blue velcro on botton plate and rubber+sticker missing), but judging by the graphics, this unit is made in USA, around 1997. Only few of DOD FX series boxes have received as wide recognition and fan base as Vibro Thang. A few more […]

  • Dunlop/MXR M-101 Phase 90

    What is it? Dunlop/MXR M-101 Phase 90. Guessing on the serial number, this unit may have been manufactured around 2003 or 2004. The classic, original MXR Phase 90 is a fine specimen in vast number vintage effects that have earned their milestone status in guitar effects. So it is a classic for good reason. However, […]

  • EHX Small Stone EH4800 Phase Shifter

    What is it? Electro Harmonix Small Stone EH4800 Phase Shifter. Made in USA, possibly in early 00’s. This wasn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last pedal i’ll buy as a broken unit. Sure there have been units that were beyond repair and those will always hurt, but usually i tend to be able […]

  • Systech Phase Shifter

    What is it? Systech Phase Shifter. Made in USA in mid-70’s. Pot date codes considered, the unit has most likely been built in 1974. I’ve got this unit more than a year ago and after initial testing it just sort of was forgotten to a spot on my museum shelf (for the units manufactured before […]

  • Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter

    One more Boss before moving on… What is it? Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter from compact series. Made in taiwan, april 2008. PH-3 marks a very first digital phaser in the Boss catalog. All the previous ones, released before the year 2000, were more like all standard phasers from any other manufacturer – BBD based analog […]

  • Pearl PH-03 Phaser

    What is it? Pearl PH-03 Phaser from Sound Spice series. Made in japan around early 80’s. This is one if those boxes i managed to buy off from mr. Lindèn and it came with reasonable price too. The unit is very lightly used and it even has its own retail box with minimal wear. These […]