Tag: Tremolo

  • Schaller TR-68 Tremolo

    What is it? Schaller TR-68 Tremolo. Made in germany, possibly around 90’s. Not sure about the date, but this version is without an indicator LED which is present in the later models. I used to own one of these back in the days when millennium changed, but for a reason or another, i had to […]

  • EHX Holy Stain

    What is it? Electro Harmonix Holy Stain from XO series.Made in united states in 2010(ish). Once again. Put a pedal, any pedal, for sale with a broken switch and a price tag around 20% of a new unit. You bet i’ll be there, bombing your email and throwing the little money i have against the […]

  • Nux MF6 Digital Multi FX

    What is it? Nux MF6 Digital Multi FX from the Nux First Series. Made in china in 00’s. Whole Nux pedal line has been quite interesting line. Some of the designs are straight rip offs, but while the underlying design may be just that, the rest is well engineered and somewhat original. The “First Series”, […]

  • Marshall VT-1 Vibratrem

    What is it? Marshall VT-1 Vibratrem, made in china around 2005. The Marshall pedals are curious things. The hits in the 60’s and 70’s , another hits in early 90’s. After that the big black box series went through massive inflation. The next generation of Marshall pedals were introduced in early 00’s, while the players […]

  • Ibanez TL5 Tremolo

    What is it? Ibanez TL5 ┬áTremolo from soundtank series in plastic enclosure. Made in taiwan around 1995. There are just a few highly peculiar effects in whole Ibanez catalog fom the seventies to today. This is one of them. Only tremolo Ibanez ever produced. And to be honest, the design isn’t bad at all. In […]

  • Boss TR-2 Tremolo

    What is it? Boss TR-2 Tremolo. Unknown manufacture date. No serial, as the label has vanished at some point alolng the way. This came to me in a trade as a defunct unit. Gladly, it was just polarity protection diode and one burned resistor. No visible damage to the board itself. Of all the tremolos […]

  • Danelectro DJ5 Tuna Melt Tremolo

    What is it? Danelectro DJ5 Tuna Melt Tremolo from Dano’s mini effects series. This is one of those that should not be overlooked no matter what opinion you may have about the box/jacks/switch/whatever. Definitely one of the best and most desired boxes in the mini series in addition to Chicken Salad and a few other […]