Other Brands (186)

Here, on this page are the lists of all the other brands. The ones that do not qualify for their own sub pages. At least not yet.

Yamaha (2)


Pearl (6)


Nux (19)

New Analog series (2013-) (6)


Force Series (2) (2/4)

  • Time Force
  • Mod Force

First Series (12)

  • OD2 Vintage Overdrive
  • AS3 Modern Amp Simulator
  • HG5 Modern High Gain
  • FB2 Modern Freq. Booster
  • FZ2 Vintage Fuzz
  • CO2 Vintage Compressor
  • PH2 Vintage Phaser
  • CH2 Vintage Chorus
  • FL2 Vintage Flanger
  • MF6 Digital Multi FX
  • AB3 Router Switcher
  • PT5 Pedal Tuner (Cherub branded)

Marshall (11)

Big black series (2) (2/4)

  • The Guv’nor
  • Drive Master

Small metal series (9) (Complete)


Mad Professor (3)

Original series (3) (3/23)

  • Little Green Wonder
  • Mellow Yellow Tremolo
  • Snow White Autowah

Arion (8)

Original series (8) (8/32)

Cherry Music Mighty Sound (8)

Chetty Music released their mini pedal series in 2014. The quality has been nice and the price point is among the lowest. Very decent modern mini pedals. Extra note for stealing Social Distortion’s logo for the distortion pedal’s second version.

Mini series (All with V2 graphics) (8)

  • M1 Distortion
  • M2 Overdrive
  • M3 Fuzz
  • M4 Chorus
  • M5 Delay
  • M7 Compressor
  • M8 Flanger
  • PT-6 Pedal Tuner

Tom’s Line Engineering (29)

Tom’s Line Engineering has been producing extremely cheap pedals for a few years, probably since 2013 or so. The first two series were manufactured with questionable build quality. The third series, which i’m calling the “Later Mini Series” offers quite a range of different pedals with never before seen in a mini pedal designs. And again – with questionable build quality. Most of the designs are digital and next to impossible to fix by conventional soldering iron. Plus the price suggests that the broken ones should be considered as trash. By now, i’ve received couple units in defunct or broken state on arrival. You can guess what kind of hazzle it is to return $25€ pedal to china and wait >8 weeks for replacement. Yup. Not worth it. I may get these all only to sell the complete set of (working) pedals. A few of these are good, a few ok and most sub-par. No way these’ll ever get their own sub page.

Later Mini series (29) (Complete)

  • AAS-3 AC Stage – Acoustic Guitar Simulator
  • ABT-3 Black Teeth – Vintage Distortion
  • ABY-3 Bluesy – Vintage Blues Overdrive
  • ADR-3 Dumbler – Dumble Amp Simulator
  • AEB-3 Bass EQ – Analog Five Band Equalizer
  • AEG-3 GT EQ – Analog Five Band Equalizer
  • AFM-3 Firecream – Vintage Distortion
  • AGF-3 G-Fuzz – Vintage Germanium Fuzz
  • AGR-3 Greenizer – Vintage Overdrive
  • AHAR-3 Harmonizer – Harmonist / Pitch Shifter
  • AHOR-3 Holy War – Metal Distoriton
  • AKF-3 Funk Machine – Auto Wah
  • ALR-3 Liner – ABY Line Selector
  • AMC-3 Manic – High Gain Distortion
  • AMO-3 Mario – Bit Crusher
  • AMS-3 Mod Station – Modulation Ensemble
  • AMX-3 Matchbox D.I.
  • AOS-3 Octpus – Polyphonic Octave
  • AOV-3 Ocean Verb – Digital Reverb
  • APE-3 Pure Echo – Digital Delay
  • APN-3 Plexion – Brit-Stack Simulator
  • ARE-3 Roto Engine – Rotary Speaker Simulator
  • ASF-3 S-Fuzz – Vintage Silicon Fuzz
  • ASH-3 Slow Hand – Volume Sweller
  • ASR-3 Shaper – Cabinet Simulator
  • ATP-3 Tube Pusher – Valve Combo Simulator
  • ATR-3 Twister – Analog Flanger
  • AVS-3 Vacuum Stack – Valve Stack Simulator
  • AT-07 Chromatic Tuner

Other (107)


Here’s one more photo of a few wah pedals:

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