Nux OD-3 Overdrive


What is it?
Nux OD-3 Overdrive. Super cheap thing, made in china 2013.

The next one of the Nux analog series box to arrive. As usual, i opened the box, tried it out and ripped it open to take a few (poor) photos. Short testing convinced me that this is nothing more than Yet Another Tube Screamer (TM).


Some flux residue. The box design is the same as in all the others in Nux’s analog series. The pot feel is as terrible as in others too. The pot tapers and values look familiar.


Taking a closer look at the heart of the circuit confirms it even further. JRC4558 and SOT packaged Si-diodes. I’ve seen that before now haven’t i…


Still, a reasonable build quality with solid design choices. True bypassed basic pedal. I really just wish they would do something about the pots. I don’t think the better ones with sturdier feel ans more solid build quality would have cost that many cents more per piece.


How does it sound?
Exactly like every tubescreamer and derivative around (mid-honk, lowish output etc.). Not much more to say. Exact circuit copy will sound like the original. No surprises there. Cheap and built with reasonable quality. Might be a nice option for anyone looking for a cheap TS with a true bypass.


3 Responses to “Nux OD-3 Overdrive”

  1. Hani Says:

    Hai, im hani from indonesian

    I glad found your web, because your very precise observation…not by feeling, just simple look the circuit, chip , ect…

    I want ask, sorry my english is bad

    I want bulid pedalboard and im searching overdrive pedal (ts based)

    But my budget is really tight, i read your nux od3 is get a good review from you (exactly ts circuit and chip but lower potentio quality)

    I know boss sd1 is cheap to, but i dont like the stock sound this pedal, to harsh…and i dont have money to mod, simply i want buy cheap stock pedal that sound exactly like ts

    How this pedal (nux od3) compare to nux drive core pedal? Just $5 price different, but i get clean boost too or is just gimmick?…is worthed to buy nux drive core? I plan use this pedal very long time, i dont have money to buy expensive gear

    If you say take nux od3 i will do that haha i trust you

    Im really exicited waiting for your review mooer brand (green mile ect)/donner/eno which i can achieved too (with struggle haha)

  2. mirosol Says:

    I’m under impression (could be wrong though) that Drive Core, as all Core series pedals use digital signal processing. If so, the sound would not be the same. If you are after the TS tone, then OD-3 would possibly be the best choice.

    You could also do the SD-1 mods yourself, lower the gain by swapping the drive pot from 1M to 500K log pot and replacing one of the clipping diodes with a link. Those parts would set you back about $1,5 – But then you would just have TS modded SD-1 with sucky bypass while the Nux would still be cheaper and maybe even better option.

  3. Hani Says:

    Okay,mi go for nux od3 thx u so much…keep inspiring

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