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  • Marshall RF-1 Reflector

    What is it? Marshall FR-1 Reflector Reverb. Made in china around early 00’s. Where all the dirt pedals in small metal series have board designs of their own, the digital ones are, well. Exactly what you’d expect from them. This fact makes the digital designs in this series the most dullest boards. This doesn’t mean […]

  • Digitech XDV Digiverb

    What is it? Digitech XDV Digiverb from X-series. Made in china around mid-00’s. Hmm. Something familiar? Digitech X-series doesn’t fail to disappoint. At the top of the price list for the series, the reverb and the delay are usable units with decent set of features. Actually, these units take on Boss and other mass produced […]

  • Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb

    What is it? Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb. Made in taiwan, june 2008. So the Boss RV-reverb line keeps getting duller as it goes further. Can’t help but to compare this to RV-2, which was ground breaking pedal in many ways. First off, the RV-2 was the first compact digital reverb ever produced. Second, the design […]

  • EHX Holy Stain

    What is it? Electro Harmonix Holy Stain from XO series.Made in united states in 2010(ish). Once again. Put a pedal, any pedal, for sale with a broken switch and a price tag around 20% of a new unit. You bet i’ll be there, bombing your email and throwing the little money i have against the […]

  • Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay

    What is it? Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay from compact series, madeĀ  in taiwan. Serial number on grey label points to june 1991. But since the units were apparently manufactured from 1994 to 2002 and the label was changed from pink to grey in early 1999, i think it’s safe to assume this follows similar error […]

  • Danelectro DJ-4 Corned Beef Reverb

    What is it? Danelectro DJ-4 Corned Beef reverb from Mini series. Made in chine around mid 00s. Mini reverb? Idea sound solid. As i was closing in at finishing off my Mini collection, there was very little i could do but acquire one. There are many digital reverb designs around and usually their circuit footprint […]

  • Danelectro DSR-1 Spring King

    What is it? Danelectro DSR-1 Spring King spring reverb. Made in china around 1998. Pedals using real spring tanks inside them seem to be quite rare. There are tons of different digital variations that try to emulate the original spring sound from many brands around. The biggest reason for the absence of springs inside any […]

  • Boss RV-2 Digital Reverb

    What is it? Boss RV-2 Digital Reverb. Made in japan, 1987. Got the unit in a bag of crap i bought from one local guy. The unit was missing a bottom plate altogether and it was not in working condition. Checked the insides around for a while and there were just couple of loose wires […]