Ibanez FLL Flanger


What is it?
Ibanez FLL Flanger from L-, or Master series. Made in Japan, 1985.

Now, there is a reason why i’m posting this one right now. I just wrote a post about the SF10, Swell Flanger. Due to that article, there is very little to say about FLL. It’s is the same effect with minor cosmetic differences, which i already disclosed on the SF10 article. I know i’m repeating myself, but these differences are the visual appearance, the stomp lid and the pots.


Trying to write something truly meaningful about this after the SF10 would be like writing two completely different articles about TS7 and TS7C. Sure. In that case there wouldn’t be any other difference but the colour. Here there are a few minor things, but again. I just wrote about them. Twice.

So why don’t we just enjoy the photos this time?


..and don’t even try to come up with profound differences. There is very little time between the two units manufacture dates and there is practically zero difference in the electronic design. Even though this design lasted for nearly a decade in production in couple of different forms, the main reason to even try to say something about these is…

How does it sound?
The sound. These all sound great. Versatile and more than just usable. A solid standard in analog flangers.

I’ll try to take some time between these post and the forthcoming FL9 post. Just to get a bit more out of the third Maxon designed flanger that shares the design with this and the SF10.


3 Responses to “Ibanez FLL Flanger”

  1. michael Says:

    hi i have the Ibanez FLL it second hand has a broken pot which i will replace when i open up the unit to have a look i noticed the red black wires from ground and + had come lose they looked like they should be attach to small board near the foot pedal

  2. Radu Says:

    Hello, Mirosol!

    Your site it’s amazing!!! Thank you very much for all your work!!!

    I’ve just bought an Ibanez FLL flanger and I love it, but it has too much hiss and with the D-Time pot to the left I heard some radio. Yours have the same problems?

    Thank you!

  3. Rev. Juan Says:

    I’ve had this and the C10 Super Chorus forever! Had other flangers and chorus’ but I always go back to them. Renaissance of pedals IMO. Even own a TS5 that’s a highly modified workwhorse. That is after the cap fix. So glad I found this page.

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