Category: L / Master-Series

  • Ibanez GEL Graphic EQ

    What is it? Ibanez GEL Graphic EQ. Made in Japan, 1985. Graphical equalizer from Ibanez Master series. Mine’s missing two of the slide pot knobs, but otherwise in decent condition. What comes to similar EQs, there is basically two ways to get the job done. First is the oldschool method of using inductors to create […]

  • Ibanez FLL Flanger

    What is it? Ibanez FLL Flanger from L-, or Master series. Made in Japan, 1985. Now, there is a reason why i’m posting this one right now. I just wrote a post about the SF10, Swell Flanger. Due to that article, there is very little to say about FLL. It’s is the same effect with […]

  • Ibanez MSL Metal Screamer

    What is it? Ibanez MSL Metal Screamer from Master series. Made in japan around 1986. These seem to be rather rare these days. And with rarity, or scarcity, come a price tag that’s not for everyone. I happened to score this unit with some nicks and dents from Mr. Lindén in a batch deal for […]

  • Ibanez DDL Delay

    What is it? Ibanez DDL Digital Delay from Master series, made in japan in mid 80’s. One of these units that usually are way too pricey for me. But if someone is really selling his/hers and is willing to give it away for good price, i’m once again there to snatch it. I even got […]

  • Ibanez DFL Digital Flanger

    What is it? Ibanez DFL Digital Flanger from Master Series. Made in japan in mid 80’s. Missing the type plate sticker, but otherwise in very good condition. Now, for real, get ready for running in the guts of the iron worm. The basis for all the metal worm psychedelic action is MC4101F. There’s also a […]

  • Ibanez SML Super Metal

    What is it? Ibanez SML Super Metal from Master Series. Made in japan mid 80’s. I wasn’t planning to go after the Master series due to the rocket prices. Of course i have been interested in these too, but the status and rarity ridden cost of collecting these made the series not too pleasing. For […]