Danelectro DJ8 Hash Browns Flanger

Let’s post up two flanger boxes today….


What is it?
Danelectro DJ8 Hash Browns flanger. This series of mini effects was made from around ’99 to 2007 or so. Not much dating information around, maybe because of the super low price and massive volumes manufactured in china.

First, i’ve been surprised about Modtone Minimod Flanger and this. I bet you can’t squeeze a flanger in to much smaller enclosure. And still have a slot for a battery. Think about EHX flangers. Those are about 12 times the size and do they really sound that much better? Or better at all? How much do you use a flanger in your pedal board? Once in a blue moon? Once in each set you play? Even more often? For me, the room on my compact board is quite limited. If i needed a flanger on the board, i’d definitely be looking at this, Minimod, or Ibanez FL5. All are good sounding, working flangers with reasonable footprint for pedal boards.

Like most of the effects in this series, this one is praised for its tone as well as Tuna Melt Tremolo and Milkshake Chorus. Still disliked by “pros” due to super plasticky box.


Didn’t feel like tracing the unit to see what the circuit has eaten. Maybe i one day will. I do find the pots intriguing, as those are basically trimmers with knobs glued on top of them. To add, this is one of those that could be nice rehousing/TB’ing project. There are a lot of detailed projects around the web for rehousing a Dano mini effect, like this one. Google should give you a thousand more. I’ll just wait until all of the existing minis are rehoused. That’ll be the only way the value of these will rise over $20/20€.

How does it sound?
Does not sound too far from Ibanez FL5. It’s really good basic flanger. Almost surprisingly good. Even the bypass buffering doesn’t suck as in some highly praised boxes *cough*bosses.


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  1. Italo Says:

    Hola mirosol un Italo from Argentina. Just picked one of these in who knows what condition for 400 pesos (less than 10 dollars) looks like someone was trying to make it true bypass and gave up. So there are traces missing and a resistor soldered in one of the lugs of the output jack. The violet cable of the ribbon has been cut and stuck in the ground of one of the pots and well… Other nasty stuff too. Is it possible for you to send me a picture of the effect board? Schematic maybe ? Been looking a lot in Google but nothing shows up I’m starting to get disappointed. Also I don’t have a flanger so I really want it. Thanks mate!!!

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