DOD FX100 Even Harmonic Overdrive


What is it?
DOD FX100 Even Harmonic Overdrive (with Integrated Tube (TM) Technology. Made in USA in 1997.

Of course i was curious about this new and exciting thing called Integrated Tube (TM), or I.T. (TM) technology. What it actually is – it is how marketing department takes random words, put them one after another and place (TM) after it. Sure. It sounds very good and interesting to many to see new technologies arise and be put in use. And in this case, what does the I.T. (TM) really mean? There is a JRC4558 dual opamp in there. So my next question is, “Are you kidding me?!?”


Actually, the two dual opamps it this late ’97 or early ’98 unit are JRC4560Ds. So apparently the I.T. (TM) doesn’t mean even that. Now let’s put the disappointment aside and check the schematic. Your guitar’s signal journeys trough a FET buffer and reaches a gain stage with Drive control on it. Then we have another FET/BJT gain stage followed by a strange world of single diode clipping (note to self – do not pay big money for FX101, as that is the same circuit, without I.T. (TM) and with a single diode added). Journey continues through a dual gyrator circuitry, which also is a home to Lows control. On the path comes a passive highs filter with a pot on it. This is also the place where we’ll have the volume control. After this, the journey is about to end. We have only make-up gain stage and amp simulated output stages left.

So did this journey warrant any claims for new and exciting technologies? No. Was it really worth it to get (TM) status to something that’s already been done over and over by just about every manufacturer?

Further reading on America’s Pedal website

How does it sound?
Ok sounding overdrive with sluggish output level. I’d say the level is insufficient for anything else but very low, vintage output single coil pickups. Clipping doesn’t feel broken, but nice, warm and harmonic. Even. Lows and highs are controlled nicely, but this just isn’t a very good pedal. Oh. Yes. It’s just my opinion. It doesn’t mean that the unit would really suck. It just means that after the marketing department had its way with me, then come the real issues. Makes me wonder i should just solder that missing diode in and pretend this is a FX101.


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