Colorless writings, part 22 – NTS

What now?

Short for Note To Self. I’ll keep it extremely short this time. Sort of a check list for myself. Got a pedal that’s not working?

  1. Double checked the power for polarity, voltage and sufficient current?
  2. Polarity protection?
  3. IC/transistor voltages?
  4. Probe.
  5. No signal at the board input? – It’s the switch (mechanical or electronic).
  6. No signal at first/second semiconductor? – Back to number 2…

That’s my standard which will yield results in debugging any circuit.

Also. Keep in mind that bad power supply (dead from pushing too much current or just otherwise dead/bad) is most likely the cause for your problems. Check that before doing anything else.

Also. If something looks physically broken, then there’s your problem.

There ain’t much information on this post, but i just felt i had to sort it out for myself. I’ll talk about something more interesting next time.

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