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  • Colorless writings, part 25 – Danelectro Top Five

    Ok. I took a bit of time off since the 11/13 posts a month was practically starting to wear me off. I can promise the future pace won’t be as hectic it was before, but i’m not going anywhere. The comment threads will stay as slow as they have been though… Anyway. Let’s get back […]

  • Colorless writings, part 24 – Nothing

    I’ve been busier than usual with all the other things going on.. So this time the part for Colorless writings will be about nothing. Nothing, to that extent that there is no article today. Move on. See you again in a month or so.

  • Colorless writings, part 23 – Learn to read

    What now? I think the title says it pretty well. I was thinking about going through the basics of reading schematics, but that is more or less useless. I will talk about it a bit nevertheless. And get to the bigger picture in a while. If we take a look at any analog guitar effect […]

  • Colorless writings, part 22 – NTS

    What now? Short for Note To Self. I’ll keep it extremely short this time. Sort of a check list for myself. Got a pedal that’s not working? Double checked the power for polarity, voltage and sufficient current? Polarity protection? IC/transistor voltages? Probe. No signal at the board input? – It’s the switch (mechanical or electronic). […]

  • Colorless writings, part 21 – Shoulders of the Giants

    Your title doesn’t give much hints this time… That may be true. I was planning on calling today’s article “evolution”, but backed out. Granted, that would have been more informative. The issue i wanted to discuss is how everything came to be. From a story about The Kinks razoring small speakers in the early sixties […]

  • Colorless writings, part 20 – Repair statistics

    At first, i’d like to say WoHOO! It’s been about 18 moths, and there are now exactly 200 different pedals covered and i’ve also posted 20 of these unintelligible texts about preferences and gut feels. Anyway. Back to business.  So we’re talking about repairs? Yes. Can’t exactly recall when i did my very first pedal […]

  • Colorless writings, part 19 – Component Quality

    Are you talking about the marketing text  we see on many manufacturers’ sites and brochures? Exactly. The phrases like “Only the best quality components have been used” and “Highest quality components” are something i tend to see around every now and then. I’ll start with this link: It is to Dirk Hendrik’s page and […]

  • Colorless writings, part 18 – Buyer’s market

    So scratching more area of collector’s world? In part, yes. As some of you may already know, i do buy a lot of factory made pedals. As both new and used. I do trade a lot too, but let’s just focus on the buying part today. Why i named today’s writing as “buyer’s market” is […]

  • Colorless writings, part 17 – Words

    What now? With a title “Words”, i’m referring to the difficulty of humanly express the tone and its qualities. You know, almost everyone is familiar with what anyone means when he/she is referring to that “mid-hump” usually associated with Tubescreamers and derivatives. But how does one describe the difference between yellow, red or blue clipper […]

  • Colorless writings, part 16 – The Transistor

    A transistor? As in electronics 101? Yes. A transistor. A rather simple device that we’ll find in almost any stompbox, in form or another. Transistor is usually a triode. Meaning that there are three terminals and all those three terminals have their own purpose. You know, a tri-ode. Three terminals. As opposite to diode – […]