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  • Colorless writings, part 16 – The Transistor

    A transistor? As in electronics 101? Yes. A transistor. A rather simple device that we’ll find in almost any stompbox, in form or another. Transistor is usually a triode. Meaning that there are three terminals and all those three terminals have their own purpose. You know, a tri-ode. Three terminals. As opposite to diode – […]

  • Colorless writings, part 15 – Fuzz vs. Overdrive vs. Distrtion

    I found myself in very weird situation. Today, i simply had nothing to say. But i can’t pass on a colorless writing, as that would mess up my OCD. I did start on one more demanding subject, but i realised i won’t be able to finish it without messing up my schedule. So i just needed […]

  • Sometimes a redo should work.

    It’s been a while since i used this domain for something useful. Most of my old writings were completely obsolete. All that is gone for good. I still dig the simple, minimal layout of this page, so complete overhaul of the content should suffice. Instead of talking/whining about this f*d up world in general, i […]