Category: Tube King-Series

  • Ibanez TK999HT Tube King Distortion

    What is it? Ibanez TK999HT Tube King Distortion. Made in china, late 00’s. Not sure if the TK999HT is currently in production anymore. Ibanez site doesn’t list it and many european internet shops don’t have it on their listings. At least not any more. This high gain distortion is somewhat impressive by its appearance. The […]

  • Ibanez TC999 Tube King Compressor

    What is it? Ibanez TC999 Tube King Compressor made in Japan in the 90’s. It’s been quite long since i got this unit and took the photos (so sorry about the quality). Got this as semi-functioning unit in a trade. Problem was with the enormous amounts of hiss and interfecence when pedal was engaded. Dirk […]