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  • Vox V830 Distortion Booster

    What is it? Vox V830 Distortion Booster. Made in china around early to mid 00’s. Sharing the box and switching/power circuitry with V810 Valve overdrive, the V830 is nothing close. Obviously one would instantly assume this to be a DS-1 derivative. What makes this assumption obvious is the fact that V810 is a Tubescreamer. And […]

  • Vox V810 Valve Tone

    What is it? Vox V810 Valve Tone. Made in china, early 00’s. The brand name is sometimes so big and trustworthy that anything released under that brand will become a collector’s item and a classic. Were the title warranted or not. I’m more than certain this is the case with Vox. In the early 00’s, […]