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  • Carlsbro AC1160 Wah Wah

    What is it? Carlsbro AC1160 Wah Wah. Made in china around mid 00’s. A wah in a standard Cry Baby sized enclosure, but instead of the basic black, the surface is cool looking chrome. By starters, i must confess that i’m not a big user of wahs. Since i taught myself to user choruses, i […]

  • Carlsbro Minifex Flanger

    What is it? Carlsbro Minifex Flanger. Made for Carlsbro by Cliff Electronic Components. I’m still not certain about the location where these came from, but the series of 6 pedals was released in 1982 and i suspect theĀ  manufacturing span wasn’t more than a year or two, tops. Carlsbro effects have been around for a […]