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  • Excalibur Holy Grail Distortion

    What is it? Excalibur Holy Grail Distortion. Made in china, late 00’s. Got this one with the Tubescreamer derivative and the fake analog delay from the same “manufacturer”. The quotes are there for a reason. Since the brand is just OEM’ng stuff from chinese brand with questionable prestige, i wouldn’t exactly call Excalibur a manufacturer. […]

  • Excalibur TS-4558 Tone Screamer

    What is it? Excalibur Overdrive TS-4558 Tone Screamer. Made in china as an OEM for german brand Excalibur, around 2007. As i got a bit burned with my not-doing-my-homework and hoping for something decent from the delay sold side by side with this one, i must say that my enthusiasm was not very high to […]

  • Excalibur AD-350 Analog Device

    What is it? Excalibur Analog Delay AD-350 Analog Device. Made in china around 2006. Someone i know was selling the lot of these Excalibur brand pedals. Local musician’s forum had no bad words, just a few descriptions about tone and such. The price for the three pedals was ok, including this (which was the most […]