Category: Vintage Series

  • Danelectro DSD-1 Shift Daddy

    What is it? Danelectro DSD-1 Shift Daddy Echo Pitch Shifter from original series of rocker pedals. Made in china around late 90’s. I must admit that i was interested. And local music store happened to have one left behind. The unit had seen better days as it had sat in direct sunlight for years. Still […]

  • Danelectro DW-1 Dan-o-Wah

    What is it? Danelectro DW-1 Dan O Wah. Made in china in around 1997. I sourced this one a long time ago. If i recall correctly, i got it in a trade and there was (and still is) very little traces of use. Gee. I wonder why. That being my first thought about all Dano […]

  • Danelectro DW-2 Trip L Wah

    What is it? Danelectro DW-2 Trip L Wah. Made in china between 1996 and 1999. This is one of three rocker pedals i’ve categorized as belonging to “Vintage Series”. Enclosure design. The biggest thing that separates Danelectro from the rest. Same thing goes to their guitars and amps too. I’m under the impression that the […]

  • Danelectro DTE-1 Reel Echo

    What is it? Danelectro DTE-1 Reel Echo. Made in china in late 90’s. Talking about action packed pedal. The desktop housing is rather big, but i’d call this stylish. For the visual design, features and general build quality, this is really one of those must have Dano boxes. Even the surf green color is pleasing. […]

  • Danelectro DSR-1 Spring King

    What is it? Danelectro DSR-1 Spring King spring reverb. Made in china around 1998. Pedals using real spring tanks inside them seem to be quite rare. There are tons of different digital variations that try to emulate the original spring sound from many brands around. The biggest reason for the absence of springs inside any […]