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  • Morley DDB Diamond Distortion

    What is it? Morley DDB Diamond Distortion from so called “Jewel box” series. Made in US between 1995-98. My passion for pedals and effects is something that i don’t quite understand myself. This series is perfect example. I seem to like stuff that may not be worth it. Morley is best known for their wahs […]

  • Morley JDB Just Distortion

    Welcoming the new year 2014. And I’m starting this year with a real oddity. What is it? Morley JBD Just Distortion. Real oddity. Made in china in the 90’s. Ok. So the Morley engineer thought that it is a perfectly sound idea to create a pedal with no controls at all. The trust and belief […]

  • Morley CCB Crystal Chorus

    Yeah. I know. it’s december already, but this is the last uncovered chorus pedal in my collection for the moment. I want to cover it now – so that i don’t have to write about choruses for a while… What is it? Morley CCB Crystal Chorus from Jewel Box series. Made in US around 1995-98. […]