Category: New Analog Series

  • Nux OD-3 Overdrive

    What is it? Nux OD-3 Overdrive. Super cheap thing, made in china 2013. The next one of the Nux analog series box to arrive. As usual, i opened the box, tried it out and ripped it open to take a few (poor) photos. Short testing convinced me that this is nothing more than Yet Another […]

  • Nux AS-4 Amp Simulator

    What is it? Nux AS-4 Amp Simulator from Nux New Analog series. Made in china in 2013. Cheapest thing there is. These units have around for some time now, and this unit is part of family of four. There is Overdrive, Chorus, High gain distortion and this one – The Amp Simulator. The price tags […]

  • Nux CH-3 Chorus

    What is it? Nux CH-3 Chorus from Nux’s analog pedal series. Made in china, 2013. There is something appealing in these super cheap new chinese pedals. I have no idea whatsoever what is the amount manufactured, but these are mostly well made and fine sounding boxes. I’m fairly convinced that china will be new japan […]