Category: Pearl

  • Pearl DS-06 Distortion

    What is it? Pearl DS-06 Distortion. Made in japan, early 1980’s. Simply an overlooked gem. Somehow this unit has slipped through all the classic listings while the overdrive and a few others in this series is highly considered and still receive praise from time to time. It is a distortion unit, so i wasn’t expecting […]

  • Pearl PH-03 Phaser

    What is it? Pearl PH-03 Phaser from Sound Spice series. Made in japan around early 80’s. This is one if those boxes i managed to buy off from mr. Lindèn and it came with reasonable price too. The unit is very lightly used and it even has its own retail box with minimal wear. These […]

  • Pearl SU-19 Noise Suppressor

    What is it? Pearl SU-19 Noise Suppressor. Stereo noise gate, made in japan, early 80’s. I’m not that sure if get the whole noise gate suppressor thing. I mean, what’s the idea? To use too many noisy and bad sounding designs in a chain, so that you’ll need a device to kill signal? Well. For […]

  • Pearl OD-05 Overdrive

    What is it? Pearl OD-05 Overdrive. Made in japan, early eighties. This must be one of most desired overdrives on the planet. And for good reason i might add. I don’t know how many units were made, but the amount must be a lot. There’s almost always one for sale on eBay, so this ain’t […]

  • Pearl F-605 Electro Echo Analog Delay

    What is it? Pearl Model F-605 Electro Echo Analog Delay, made in japan around 1977-79. Saw this unit for sale and couldn’t help myself. Even if it meant that i was to eat dry bread for the rest of the month. Price wasn’t too bad, and i wouldn’t sell this for the price i got […]