Category: Yamaha

  • Yamaha CO-10MII Compressor

    What is it? Yamaha CO-10MII. Made in japan, 1984. Date is determined from capacitor date codes. Continuing with another fine specimen from Yamaha’s 10MII series. This unit is one of those i’ve sourced from a local guitar building wizard, Mr. Lindén. I know i’m a sucker for this enclosure type, so every time one shows […]

  • Yamaha COD-100 CMOS Overdrive

    What is it? Yamaha COD-100 C MOS Overdrive from Yamaha 100-series. Made in japan in mid to late 80’s. Happened to score one of these in near mint condition with an original retail box from a local guitar builder guru J. Lindén. Since i’m still fond of those coin-op design Sound Device series pedals, this […]

  • Yamaha MBD-20M Multiband Distortion

    What is it? Yamaha MBD-20M Multiband Distortion. Made in japan around mid 80’s. Got this unit from a guitar guru J. Lindén some months ago. He was selling the unit for a very decent price and i almost did let it go. We were at some gig back then and he said to me that […]

  • Yamaha CH10M II Chorus

    What is it? Yamaha CH10M II Chorus from Sound Device series, made in japan. Datecodes on the components suggest manufacture date to settle at late 1984. The year of the Orwell’s instruction manual. Can’t help it. The coin-op design box looks real good to me, which is the biggest reason for me to hunt these […]

  • Yamaha FL10M II Flanger

    What is it? Yamaha FL10M-II Flanger from the 10/Sound Device series, made in japan. Manufacture date unknown, but it seems like 80s build. Looks like a coin-op arcade machine now doesn’t it! The brand is quite a puzzle to me. Pianos, jet skis, motorcycles, guitars and network routers. Usually i wouldn’t trust a brand that […]