Category: Original Series

  • Danelectro DC-1 Cool Cat Chorus

    What is it? Danelectro DC-1 Cool Cat Chorus, the original 18V version. Made in china, 1996. Again? Didn’t i write about this already? Well. I did, but with the later 9V version. This is the first edition that runs on 18V. Are there a lot of differences between these two? Well. Not that much, but […]

  • Danelectro DT-1 Dan-O-Matic

    What is it? Danelectro DT-1 Dan-O-Matic from Dano “Original series”. Made in china around 1996 or 1997. This model was the very first of tuner pedals in the Dano pedal catalogue. It was replaced with the red DT-2 a bit later (which i’m still missing to complete my Original series collection at the time writing […]

  • Danelectro DD-1 Fab Tone

    What is it? Danelectro DD-1 Fab Tone Distortion from Dano original series. Made in china around 1997. Distortion from original series.. Since all the others have certain vintage vibe to their tones, i had no expectations one way or another. On the other hand, i’ve had this unit for years now and it’s not that […]

  • Danelectro DE-1 Dan Echo

    What is it? Danelectro DE-1 Dan-Echo from Danelectro original series. Made in china, late 90’s. I had one of these back in 2000, but sold it at some point. Once i had a chance to get one back for reasonable amount of cash, i grabbed it. These are in no way rare or scarce and […]

  • Danelectro DC-1 Cool Cat Chorus

    What is it? Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus, later 9V version, made in china around 1999-2000. Earlier versions were fed with 18V supply and supposedly sound even better. My unit is the later one with standard 9V input, making it very common and easy to obtain chorus box.. Got it for a reasonable price a long […]

  • Danelectro DO1 Daddy-O Overdrive

    What is it? Danelectro DO-1 Daddy-O overdrive, built in 1996. Got mine through ebay for a very reasonable price. Some natural road worn, sratches and paint chips. It’s good only either in this condition or as a mint. Quite happy with aesthetics. Inside, there are two boards screwed on the very sturdy design enclosure. I […]