Category: 7 / Tonelok-Series

  • Ibanez PM7 Phase Modulator

    What is it? Ibanez PM7 Phase Modulator from 7/Tonelok series. Made in china, 2005 As the truly modern guitar effects go, there are usually those that designers have spent hours to design an effect that sounds great on guitar. Better than the previous takes on this same subject. Then there are these designs that try […]

  • Ibanez AW7 Autowah

    What is it? Ibanez AW7 Autowah from 7/Tonelok series. Made in china, 2005. Where Ibanez AW5 from soundtank series left me a little on the cold side by its sound and overall feel, the follower for the Tonelok series does things differently. To begin with, all  the control slots on the enclosure are in use. […]

  • Ibanez DS7 Distortion

    What is it? Ibanez DS7 Distortion from 7/Tonelok series. Made in taiwan, 1999. One of the Tonelok series early birds. Somehow i have a feeling the DS7 was discontinued earlier than the rest of the bunch. I think i see a point in this. Anyway. This one doesn’t have any other controls but drive, tone […]

  • Ibanez DE7 Delay/Echo

    What is it? Ibanez DE7 Delay/Echo from 7/Tonelok series.  Made in china around 1999-2002. Couple of Ibanez delays hold a few remarkable places in my personal favourites. The DE7 ranks very high on that list. I set up photos with two separate units, side by side, since while the electronics remain the same on both units […]

  • Ibanez TC7 Tri-mode Chorus

    What is it? Ibanez TC7 Tri-Mode Chorus from 7/Tonelok series, made in china. Stamp on the enclosure suggest the build date to be around 2005. Now here’s the first! There’s not a hint of blue on this box! And in other news, the three modes are quite interesting – at least on paper. There are […]

  • Ibanez CF7 Chorus/Flanger

    What is it? Ibanez CF7 Chorus/Flanger from 7/Tonelok series. Made in china. One of the more complex designs on the series offers digital chorus and flanger. No blue here either. But then again, it is a flanger too. Got mine for standard market price for used unit and almost pulled my hair off once i […]

  • Ibanez LF7 Lo-Fi

    What is it? Ibanez LF7 Lo Fi from Tonelok/7-series. Apparently made in the year  2000, as the enclosure has the date 1/2000 stamped on the inside. The board itself has a lot of components left out, so it seems that the same board may be utilized in other designs of the series too. I think […]