Category: Electro Harmonix

  • EHX Germanium4 Big Muff XO

    What is it? Electro-Harmonix Germanium4 Big Muff Pi. Made in NYC, USA in 1013. Buzzword. Much like “cloud services” or “streamline” in some other contexts. For pedals it’s usually “Germanium”. Next and the biggest single question – how come this unit has nothing more to do with a Big Muff than its name.. Since late […]

  • EHX Graphic Fuzz XO

    What is it? Electro-Harmonix Graphic Fuzz with variable envelope response, from XO-series. Made in NYC in the late 00’s. Most likely in 2009. A friend was letting this one go and i just simply couldn’t help myself. Pricing for an used Graphic Fuzz isn’t too cheap, but then again – it definitely isn’t one of […]

  • EHX Memory Man with Hazarai XO

    What is it? Electro Harmonix XO Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai. Made in new york in early 10’s. Got this unit used with a defunct tag in a trade. I was sort of skeptical as most of the modern EHXs are just plain dead and there is very little that can be done. But i […]

  • EHX Big Muff Pi Nano

    What is it? Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Nano. Made in NYC, 2013. Ok. This took them long enough. The massive Big Muff enclosure is sort of an visual trade mark for this obviously classic fuzz/distortion, but there’s been Little Big Muff out for a long time. Little BMP being the same circuit, but just in […]

  • EHX Hot Tubes Nano

    What is it? Electro-Harmonix Hot Tubes Nano. Made in NYC, 2013. Some time ago i stumbled on to a schematic of this CD4049 hex inverter based OD/Dist unit. Played around with the design and noticed it had some real potential. There are numerous drive designs with hex inverters on the wild and while the CD4049 […]

  • EHX The Mole Nano

    What is it? Electro-Harmonix The Mole Bass Booster from Nano series. Made in NYC in 2013. As the one transistor, simple boosters in the EHX family go, here we have the “Bass Booster”. Circuit has pretty much the same topology as all the other simple boosters (LPB-1 and Screaming Bird). The component values are the […]

  • EHX Octave Multiplexer (XO)

    What is it? Electro-Harmonix Octave Multiplexer from XO series. Made USAaround late 00’s No. I’m not writing everything about this again. Just check out the post about EHX Octave Multiplexer Reissue. The main points for the design are written in there. There are a few differences between these two units, mainly on construction methods – […]

  • EHX Germanium OD

    What is it? Electro-Harmonix Germanium OD, “Vintage Overdrive” from XO series. Made in USA around late 00’s. Creativity. A threat or a possibility? Sometimes it manifests itself as both. And at the same time. I got mine as used for a fair price with velcro on the bottom. By the way, you can use the […]

  • EHX Octave Multiplexer (RI)

    What is it? Electro-Harmonix Octave Multiplexer Reissue. Made in USA around 00’s. For starters, EHX Octave Multiplexer was originally an apparent move to compete with all the other octave divider boxes that started to emerge in late 70’s and early 80’s. I have no idea when the very first down octave effect was produced and […]

  • EHX OD Glove

    What is it? Electro-Harmonix OD Glove from EHX nano series. Made in NYC in 2013. An overdrive that sounds like nothing else on EHX catalog. That’s the catchphrase from the marketing material. Sure enough. It isn’t close to anything from current or past EHX catalog. But it is rather familiar from somewhere else. Take a […]