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  • Bogner Wessex Overdrive

    Bogner Wessex Overdrive

    What is it? Bogner Wessex Overdrive from Amplifier Transformer series. Made in USA late 2014 at esarliest. Bogner started to build boutique guitar amplifiers way back in 1989 by revising and modding the classic Fender Blackface schematics. Those amps have been quite highly praised specimen. Company released their first pedals in 2012 and the sky […]

  • Ricken’s Fuzz FR III

    Ricken’s Fuzz FR III

    What is it? Ricken’s Fuzz FR III, made by Jen in Italy around mid 70’s for “Ricken’s” and molested by several people later on. To begin with, Jen used to make their III Fuzz for couple of brands, Ricken’s being one of them. Opportunity to trade one serviced unit in arose, and of course i […]

  • Big Jam (Multivox) SE-1 Phaser

    What is it? Multivox Big Jam SE-1 Phaser. Designed in Hauppauge, New York, made in Japan. Most likely made late 70’s. It was a cold and dark late winter night. Ok, it may have been closer to spring or early summer, but anyway. I was chatting with a friend who had spotted an ebay listing […]

  • Greg Fryer Brian May Signature Treble Booster Touring

    What is it? Greg Fryer Brian May Signature Treble Booster Touring. Monster named unit that’s made most likely in th UK around 2010. Don’t know where to begin. Got one of these in a trade and figured that i needed to have one, just to know what it’s all about. Sometimes i tend to look […]

  • Fender Yngwie Malmsteen signature overdrive

    I know it’s been a while since my previous post, but i’ve never been away completely. Just swamped with other aspects in life. Like renovating a house to host my build desk and small recording studio and living quarters for the whole family etc… What is it? Fender Yngwie Malmsteen signature Overdrive. Made in china, […]

  • Roger Mayer Voodoo-1

    What is it? Roger Mayer Voodoo-1 Distortion. Made in UK in early 90’s. Possibly 1993. Got this unit in a trade from a friend (thx Jaakko!). Mr. Mayer is The Original Boutiquer, so obviously i was interested. I’m not going into the history of the man, but if you are interested, you could check out […]

  • Way Huge WHE702 Echo Puss

    What is it? Way Huge WHE702 Echo Puss. Made by Dunlop in 2010’s. A guy offered this in a trade. And being the type of analog delay friend that i am, i had very little choice but to go for it. This is my first Way Huge box. While it isn’t the Way Huge that […]

  • DiMavery EPDL-50 Delay

    What is it? DiMavery EPDL-50 Delay. Made by Daphon in china around late 00’s or early 10’s. I was on the hunt for the original Daphon branded E20DL as it’s apparently the same circuit as for Daphon E10AD. The reason for hunting down a low end brand’s delay unit? The schematic for E10AD on Dirk […]

  • Rolls RFX970 Vibraflange

    What is it? Rolls RFX970 Vibraflange. Made in USA, 1993. For some reason i wasn’t aware the amount of stuff in the back catalog of this company called Rolls. The reasonably priced headphone amplifiers and patch bays i did know. But then again, the main reason might also be that the bigger part of  Rolls […]

  • Monarch MCO-22 Compressor

    What is it? Monarch MCO-22 Compressor. Made in japan around mid to late 80’s. Got this one in a trade. Could have bought it straight off, since the price was right. There is always something interesting in these 80’s japanese cheapos. Mainly because most of them are really good sounding and usable circuits, despite their […]